year end thanksgiving 2016 at INC Temple

Year-End Thanksgiving To God 2016


Dear God, I humbly offered my thanksgiving and I will always give thanks to You for the rest of my life. Everything is possible to You and I always trust whatever happens to me is Your will.

Thank You so much for the understanding love. It helps me to let go and step forward. I can always look back at the time I’ve been in-love, to appreciate how did You made me accept that my relationship end with grace. I learn when I understand and I am very thankful to You dear God.

Thank You for all the people I met. Some are strangers who become my friend and friends who showed up when You are sending blessing. I can feel the love You have for me in different ways. I will always treat people with respect and kindness. I will greet them with love and thank You God for having them.

Thank You for the opportunities. I failed many times at the trials and searching for the right opportunities. I know that You are only teaching me to understand, and giving me experiences to be prepared for the right one for me. Thank You so much for having me this kind of struggle, I cannot manage to survive without You. You’re my constant source of strength, and hope to believe that good opportunities will be bless to me for living. Thank You for daily blessing and opportunity that You had given to me.

Thank You for the life. I always wanted to serve God with all my life. Thank you for giving me the standard to live life in Christian way, to obey Your teaching and share Your words. I am giving my life by living the way you wanted me to do. Amen.

Thank you for Student life. Going back to school with the help of my brothers and sister is a kind of blessing that I want to appreciate. I got new friends and ideas in life. I learn that there is so much more to improve and take care. Dear God, You are always there to guide me whatever comes along.

Thank You for my family. I am always thankful to have the good family. One day I’ll be the head of my own family. Thank You God in advance for I will have them in the right time.

Thank You for the special person who change my paradigm of dreams. I don’t know if she will be gone soon just like a messenger in my dreams and disappear when I wake up. Thank you so much Anne for the mean time.

Thank You for the visitors of my blogs. I hope that I can post more good things to share with them. I hope they found it good and helpful. I know that this is one of the channels of your blessing. Thank you for helping me how can use this blogs in the right way.

Thank You for everything that happen to me and thank You for whatever comes next. I love You so much dear God.


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