My Grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9

Year-End Thanksgiving To God 2015


Happy thanksgiving. This year is great or good enough? It will depends on how I see it. I feel great for all the challenges that I’ve been through. I humbly bow myself down for the bad experience. In the summary of it! I am thankful for whatever happens, because in any case or situation there is God to look over and love me.

Love life – Thanks for the love! I am lucky to feel the love of God. This kind of love from God is the feelings that you can not compare from anyone.

Lessons – Experience taught me how! I’ve learned from hard way where I have to suffer and feel the pain. I’ve learned from my fear and doubts where I have to face it no more. I’ve learned when I am happy and grateful when I know everything can be taken away from you any time. Life at the edge can changed me and I had to learn and discover not to fall down again and again. When it turns out that I don’t know what to do, I give up, surrender, and accept the fact that I am not good enough or I can not able to do so. But I never quit! I’ve learned to seek God’s help and that is how I understand how God’s love is good.

Faith – it’s hard to surrender the belief that you have in your heart! Information may poison your mind but don’t let it get into your heart. We can get confuse of what is happening but I am rest assured that faith in my heart cannot be shaken. I thank You God for You are more than willing to enter in my heart. How can I feel God’s in your heart? I must keep the faith, surrender and obey.

Family – My family is my strength! I already lost my father last year and my mom’s just pass away this year. Thanks You for our parents. They taught us how to live in life and how to die at peace. They are the perfect example to show us that life is to short to waste on something not important. Life on earth ends whether you do good or bad things. And my parents taught us to know how important know know bad and good things. Farewell to my parents. Thank you God for having a family that making us close together and learn from each other.

Blessings – I asked so hard for the blessing that I wanted. I just don’t realise that all I need is a little of God’s grace and that would be enough. Thank you God for suppressing Your blessing to me. I may misuse the blessing if too much or this can lead me away from Your grace. Thank You for giving me what I have right now.

Friends – I have a good friend. Thank You for making us to lean and support each other. Sometimes the words that you want to speak for me came out from their advices. Thank You for having them to be with me as we journey in this life.

Naptalyn – Thank You so much for having her! She is such a great person in my life. She will always be in my heart because she is the girl who taught me how to reach You. She’s the girl who led me to feel the love that I am receiving from You. I have so much to tell about her but I prepare to keep it in silence and on prayer.

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