Year-End Thanksgiving To God 2014


Happy Thanksgiving! With so much love, hope and faith! I can’t say much how I should thanks God for being good to me. Dear God thank you so much for accepting my thanksgiving.

Thank you for the struggle that helps me to become stronger in every hardship that I surpass. When I felt the emptiness! You’re there to filled up what I need, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. This only proved me that You never forsaken us.

Philippine Arena Full House

I am so grateful for having the right people in my life. They are my family, friends, strangers that I met and all the good people that surround me. I think I already found the girl that can stay with me for my rest of my life. She is a very significant person that I want to give thanks for this year-end thanksgiving.

Thank you for giving me the energy to work and wisdom to think what is good. This help me to accomplished my duties and most importantly to offer my myself and worship You. Sometimes when I’m sick, thank you for restoring my health back. Thank You for protecting us and putting away troubles that we cannot manage. I love you God for everything You did to us.

Thank you so much for the leadership of INC Executive Minister for taking care of the whole church. We know that they care so much to lead us to You.

Thank you for I learn to know my self more, that now I understand some of my weakness and strength. Thank You for the holy spirit that whisper the words of righteousness, they guide me to obey Your teachings and help me understand Your will. Thank You for guiding me always.

Thank You for helping me discovers my new skills in Photography. I know all of my talent and skills are nothing if it is not use to serve You. I hope to find the way to use it to glorify Your name. Thank you for helping me to learn new things.

My offering may not be enough to give thanks. It’s all that I have to offer and my self to give thanks. Thank You. Thank You

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