Year End Thanksgiving To God 2012


Happy Thanksgiving. Let this year 2012 ends with hope and more blessing to welcome another prosperous year of 2013. I am very thankful to the blessing and opportunities that the Lord God had given to me. Thank you so much dear God. I have my endless thanks to God and I wanted to share some of the significant event in my life

Health and Conditions – I am feeling good today, and I overcome my sickness. I have a good feeling on my shape and can breathe the air freely. To breathe the fresh air freely is so much to appreciate.

Living Abroad – I never come to think living abroad for three months. This opportunity opens the door for me when my friend Lutchie invited me to work abroad. I am not lucky to get hired is the IT Company in Singapore but I manage to stay longer. I owe so much for Lutchie for providing me everything that I am not capable at the moment. Her generosity is so much to appreciate, thank you God for having this wonderful event in my life.

Love – I’ll be thankful for the lessons I had from my experienced. For the girl I learn to love and care for, I thank you God for you thought me to care for the one who loves you and let go. I never see a perfect relationship but I can feel a perfect love from God. Thank for loving even if I am not worthy enough due to my sins.

Family – I acknowledge my family for they are always with me no matter what trouble I’m in. I appreciate all their help and kindness. We are lucky to still have both of my parents. Thanks God for we can still hugs my mother and father.

Friends and Strangers – Thanks for making friends and for having your time with me. I appreciate every moment specially when you share your smile with me. Although we don’t have so much time and that is enough to give thanks to God for having you. You might be the God instrument to share His knowledge and wisdom.

Faith – I still have my faith. This helps me to live on and carry my Christian living. I am proud to be Iglesia Ni Cristo. I am very thankful for God called my brother Jose Sigasig and his wife Dhalia. I am very thankful for I once fulfill my duty to share God’s commandments.

Money – I don’t have much to offer but thank you God for you this is enough for you as long as it is wholeheartedly offered to you. Money eventually come and goes, thanks for guiding me where to spend it correctly and importantly. I am also thankful for the opportunity where you don’t let me run out of money. You know that I used them all for good, thank again and again.

Dear God, Thanks for everything, all the blessing I have was from you. I cannot manage to have this with my own effort, with your help and love; I give this year end I offer you my wholehearted Love and Thanks Giving.

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