Thank You for all the days I had through this year. Happy thanksgiving. I felt joy and sorrows that made me closer to You. I experience joy and blessing to praise and sorrows to get closer to You. Thank You for all the answered prayers like giving me the understanding heart and vow to humble down my self. Thank You for helping me throw away my pride, I become more concern and listen. Thank You for forgiving me, I had committed sin but you lead me the way to obey your commandment. Thank You for I was able to use my ears to listen and do what is righteous to You.

Happy Thanksgiving To All.

Thank You for the new friends; I meet new brothers and sister in the Church Of Christ that we may love each other. Thank you for the gift, my partner and my love Maria Lourdes Garcia. We’re planning to settle down next year and with your blessing, I am giving thanks for making us together in the service of your Church Of Christ.

Thank You for calling my brother Jose Sigasig Macatangay. He influences me the way I appreciate and understand certain things. Thank you for the long life you give to my father and mother, for I thank You for giving me chance to bring them in worshiping You.

I thankful for all the problem and hardship you gave to me. I hope you found me worthy of bearing them that I have put my trust in You. Thank You when You lift me up when you know that I am hopeless, You know in my heart that I have no other way but in Jesus name to You.

I have saved an amount here to bring an offering to you. Please I know it is not enough to pay back the blessing you are giving me. Thank you for I learned to cry, this is great and the best way I know to take away the pain in my heart, and thank You for helping me to handle my emotions. With out your help I am down hopeless and I am here to thank you for giving me hope to stand up. Thank You.

I will take care of all the blessing to give to me; I can feel it coming from You. I will also give it back to glorify your name.

Thank You our almighty God, in Jesus name. Amen.