Why web developers are having a hard times on web design?


I had a good experience to hang with people who is very proficient in customizing online application. I got the opportunity to asked  few questions to Jan Ryan, RV, Nick, Mike and Mong. They are genius people who can easily find the solutions on the system function that you needed. They can develop software that works perfectly to your needs. They can even make much better result.

For them programing is logical and analytic. Every data, input and output must be perfect. They are very good in solving this situations. Their mind is basically focus on true or false and what if else basic statement. It had been their life since they started to learn programming.

They sweat on the design and more often ask other to do this job. I asked them why and I am not satisfied with their answers. Most of them told me that they don't have time and it is hard to do. I was never satisfied because they had been on coding much complicated codes and even more harder than making simple html codes for design.

It was also a question for me? When I try to create a design, I wanted the result to be perfect. In reality the design may be good for our eyes only. The programmer attitude is to make sure that the result will be 100 percent good, while design output is not logically perfect for everyone. It is because people have different taste. They prefer simple looks than thinking of good design.

They are sometimes confused to the design they made and kept on thinking to make it better. They can make a best design and the attitude to make it perfect took them so long to finished the job.

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  1. Johanna @ GIJoh.com
    Johanna @ GIJoh.com says:

    I must say that this infographic is really interesting!
    My husband is neither one of these two, but I can say that his personality is very much like that of the web developers – does not have time to shave (even though he has lots of unused razors tucked away somewhere), he prefers to wear comfortable clothes rather than skinny trendy ones, and his most precious item while working – a cup of hot coffee. 🙂
    I agree with this infographic – both web designers and web programmers are afraid of women! 😀

  2. Marlene
    Marlene says:

    I wish I were both, though I like the style of a web designer. But I have an attitude of a web developer cos I want everything to be perfect.

    You have lots of stuff on your blog now...


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