Why good is therein goodbye when it suppose to break your heart?


I embraced my farewell when I woke up knowing that you are not coming back. You had been part of my life and that moment in time, it is good to say goodbye.

Let’s just say goodbye can give good luck as you bless the departing people from you. Why this causes our emotion to feel good or bad. I assumed that were just letting go of someone we are used to be.

Why I feel good about goodbye

I can taste it sweet when I felt it coming from your heart, some kind of feeling that I wanted to treasure in my memory and my thoughts of you is thinking of saying hello once again. It’s a kind of event that I expect to be good and hoping for the comeback.

Why I feel bad about goodbye

Luck is not always on our side. We can’t assume that it will be the last word that you can say. It’s always nice to say good things when you are saying goodbye. People can easily remember the first and last moment with you. I feel so bad when I can’t erase those bad memories I had with people that I've been with but I hope I did the right things. Sorry for the trouble, and I make sure that I’ve learned from it.

What did you learn?

You can say goodbye and flavored it with your feelings, it’s nice when it comes from your heart.

You can Make A Difference

Let your goodbye be remembered for the good things you did, and learn from the experience you had from saying goodbye.

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