Why Do I Love Google Adsense On my Blogs


I like Google Adsense for for monetizing online. It is something that can save your financial crisis. I fall in love along the way with Adsense.

When you take good care of something useful, they will return goodwill that you can enjoy more. All I can do now is to say thank you Google for providing us this wonderful service.

What is Google Adsense for me?

Basically it’s an advertisement you published together with the content where it shows relevant advertisement. Your blog can earn when the advertisement is serve and visited.

Google Adsense Policy is Important

Do not try to violate the rules and regulations of this service because they are implementing it very strictly. So I keep on reading the updates from their blogs. It is better to follow the policy and enjoy this service. It is an opportunity to have continues passive income

My Google Adsense was nearly suspended.

My bad that I was editing my html code on my localhost while my adsense is showing up. I immediately reply for the email notice and express my sincere apology. I am so lucky because some other blogger appeal was not consider. I am so glad that my suspension did not lead to termination. Please be careful and always check if your blog is following the policy of Goolge Adsense.

I want to remove my Google Adsense

Sometimes I don’t want Google Adsense or any advertisement to appear in my content. I want to make sure that my reader is focus on the message to avoid destruction. But I want to show my gratitude to Google Search Engine because most of my visitors are from it. I am lucky when my link appears in the first in Search Engine Result Page. Gratitude is a gratitude, take it or leave it, my reasoning may not be consider but that’s the way I want it to be.

Enjoy your Adsense Look and Feel

Place your ads in a nice place, and make its color blend well on the theme of your blog. Did you know that your Adsense can generate more income when it is place on strategic location of your web page. When you blend its color and appearance your ads will be looking normal as it is part of your content. This is just a basic tips how you can maximize your earning potential.

What makes a difference?

  • With or without advertisements my blog is still a blog, but consider this if you want to make money.
  • You can blog and earn money at the same time.

What did you learn?

  • Practice the give and take relationship where you can experience the win-win situations.
  • Gratitude is the priceless thing that you can offer.
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  1. Eduardo
    Eduardo says:

    As mine my adsense was disabled of by google adsense because of violating their terms.So if you want to make money and uses adsense I suggest don't do anything that may affect adsense violating terms.To start using google adsense you read carefully the adsense terms before you are going to use it.


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