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Why a company need website?


A company website is a part of business trend and marketing evolutions. A strategic location and telephone line is enough before to make your business prosper. Internet can bring more talks over your telephone when online marketing is applied in your website. Today people are using the internet to look for interesting things that they wanted to know. People are already comfortable to search or find information in the internet before they engage transactions.

The purpose of your business website

Your company must be present online to serve the information of your business. It will be an extension of your office where it gives automations and help visitors to find what they are looking for. The website can handle immediate response for your customer and give them good experience. It is very simple and strait forward that your website will represent your business online and running 24/7.

The five major contents of business website

A good website contains good information in one page or separate pages. They are combined all to let people know more about your company.

Company Info – This page tells all about the company details and information. This page can talk about the nature of your business and the people behind. This page can tell people what it is all about.

Product and Services – This page can describe the kinds of products and service you can offer to the customers. It page can endorse and promote the product and services to the people.

Contact information – This page can help you to connect with your customers. It is where they can find your locations, email and phone numbers to keep in touch. It is also a page where customer can get your support.

Terms and conditions – It is a good standard to acknowledge your visitors’ with terms and conditions of your business. This can protect your business in some cases or issues weather it is bad or good.

Blogs and testimonials – This page will give a customer interactions and responses to the company updates. Your daily update can bring more visitors with the help of Search Engine Optimizations.

The Photo Of Old Cebu Pacific Brand

Cebu Pacific

The Photo Of New Cebu Pacific Air Brand


Secure your company name and brand

The domain name like is more or less $10 USD while the “cebu pacific airline” failed to register this domain early on time, they have to change their brand to “Cebu Pacific Air.Com” and repaint their airplane to purchase new domain for their brand. You can now register your domain name in NameCheap.Com and secure your company, brand name and most importantly your own name or identity

New market for local and international

You can do business local and you can also do business international when you have your website present online. Your company website can be access globally using the internet. It gives the privileges to invite more investors and customers in to your business.

What did you learn?

  • Website can boost your business in local and global market.
  • Be aggressive to secure the domain name of your brand or business. It can be purchase by anonymous and re-sale it to your with higher amount.
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