Where To Find Pinoy Jokes


Pinoy is one of the most humorous people in the world and I agreed to that with my experience. Jokes gives energy and help you manage your stress well. If you’re looking for a site that eventually twisted your mood 360 degree happy. I will share a link with you a different site containing Pinoy Jokes.

1. http://www.pagbasa.com/nakakatawang-jokes/
2. http://link.pagbasa.com/tagged/joke/

I highly rated noypf.com for its live audience response. Fresh jokes daily and the contributor is really a natural joker. It’s natural because you will laugh even if you don’t want to laughs. One thing I notice about noypf.com jokes is that you can read the text to become easier to understand.

Every member can contribute by adding their own jokes. This where you can get the fresh jokes daily even it is a long time jokes, it becomes fresh you read it.

PS: I removed noypf.com on my list because the site is no longer exist.

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