When Everything Is Over Between Us?


What is in between? I am losing control when I want you and that’s makes me crazy about you. It is when I wanted to talk with you and when I wanted you to be with me. But I want it under control and make everything just fine since I don’t want to steal your time doing your work or something that you love.

When did I lose your love?

Our communication is not getting better. I try to remind you how important it is when we are getting to know each other. Good communication can solved small issues before it becomes bigger and complicated. I wish you tried to tell me everything because I am more willing to understand and make up with you.

Time after time you might never notice that you are falling out of love with me because you had place your time somewhere without me. I said I wanted to go with you and do the same things “being together working with you on realty” but you said stay to what I am doing and focus on what I am working.

I had told you before a story of a child who spell love as time! The mother asked the spelling of LOVE, and the child wrote TIME. I hope you can always remember that. I am looking and searching, when did I lose your love? I know it is my fault to force you to make love fall-in-love with me and I am still guilty of that. I love you! And I will always love you no matter what.

Our relationship in between.

I manage to took care of my feelings. I've been hurt so bad before when I've seen some client message in your phone and you didn’t even introduce me as your boyfriend. Because I am giving of 100 percent of my trust and love to you, I become invulnerable “impossible to harm or damage” to my feelings. My trust and love will always be with you since we are putting our relationship between our Father. And I still believe that small gap between us can cover up with the commitment that bind us together.

When everything is over between us?

I want to forget the past and all about you, but let me stay with you, because you’re still the woman I want to love again and start over again. Who will steal my commitment anyway when I asked God to keep it? My love and commitment for His will be done, I shall love again to a woman who can reciprocate my love.

For the new beginning.

I believe that God loves me and He will send someone here who can love me more. Well, I hope that you’re still the one for me. I am going to move on. I wanted to go back for us, but I am more willing to see you at the top. If you are not there? Someone else will, and she’s probably the one who come along together with me. And I will never want to lose the feelings of being love again.

Right now, someone you haven't met is out there wandering what would it be like to meet someone like you.

Right now, someone you haven't met is out there wandering what would it be like to meet someone like you.

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