The SEO Company believes that your website needs exposure in the search engine to get more customers. A good Search Engine Marketing must be applied together with SEO. While others are focusing how to get you on the top result, applying search engine marketing can convert more sales than SEO alone. It make a difference when you apply SEM.

There are companies that can help you to "SEO" optimize your web pages to be listed first on search engine result page. SERP

What SEO Company does to optimized your web pages?

They will help you on keywords research and suggest proper SEO friendly html code in your web pages. I recommend doing On-site Optimizations first before optimizing the webpage on search engine.

On-site optimizations must be well done before doing search engine optimizations

  • Title Tag – The title of your webpage
  • Keyword Density – the numbers of keywords on the page content
  • Keyword Prominence, Frequency, Proximity – this is how you intensify keywords
  • Outbound Links – A link that going out from your domain name
  • Image SEO – the keywords for your images
  • Video SEO – this is new, video is making an impact on the search result
  • Sitemaps – where all of your major links are gather together
  • Url Slug – the exact link of our web pages
  • Internal Linking – the link navigating within your domain.

They submit your sitemaps to the search engine to be index. Search engine provide a webmasters tool to help you submit your site map in to their index. Here are few search engine I recommend but there are many more.

  • Google Webmaster
  • Yahoo Site Explorer
  • Bing Webmasters
  • Ask.Com
  • Baidu.Com

They will improve your page rank. Your webpage need credentials and authority convince search engine consider your website to be listed on top. Basically the back link is needed to gain credentials and authority. The more web sites that are linking to your webpage mean that your web site has the information that can be trusted.

These are basically what SEO Company does when they optimized your web pages. Unfortunately SEO is a never ending process because you can be on top today not in the future.

A little bit about Search Engine Marketing

This is how link and descriptions attract the attention of the visitor even if you were not listed first. A short text description is your opportunity to convince that your link is much better to visit. Your descriptions will do the work to convince that you have what they are looking for. Your landing pages must be the exact description of what is your visitors looking for. The rest is how your website does the marketing.

What did you learn?

  • SEO Company is there to help you to boost your traffic.
  • Search Engine Marketing can attract more visitors and convert sales.
  • Now I am on the top, you can say that yesterday I am not and the future is in competitions.
  • More often we use google, yahoo, bing search engine but there are many more.

You can make a difference

  • SEM and SEO can work in synergy to boost more sales.
  • Learning to do SEO for your web pages gives you more in control in search engine marketing.