Walang Take Two Behind The Scene

What can you say about her?


I want to look into her eyes
To and see what her heart desire
We shake our hands and feel the warm
Wishing that she could be my charm

I had no words for you that time
I hope you read my face and smile
And I wonder how deep you are?
Just like a star -- up high, so far.

Another quick poem when my new friend Anne asked me what you can say about her? Pertaining to specific person name Grace. The scene from NEU Professional Building when they ask me to hang around with them before the class start at 4pm. I had 10 minutes to spare time with them and I am glad to meet the rest of her friends. Love was on the air and I don’t know how I reacted from it. I remember to smile naturally and feel good about it.

PS: The second stanza was for Anne!

Take easy on the poem, no animals harm and in danger while making this poem.

It’s good to remember how we did the independent film “Walang Take Two” at this building. Hospital scene and the awarding event was taken here last July 8, 2015.

PS: It is also what I can say about You!

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