Lingap Sa Mamamayan Volunteer

Preparing relief good for Yolanda victims.

I don’t care about your struggle;
Waste of time for me to tackle.
My own problem isn’t yet solved
So why should I must get involved


I cannot hide my love and worries,
My heart tore apart with sorry.
I truly want to understand
How hard it is for you to stand.

My sympathy grows for my land
And now I want to stretch my hand
I set aside my own problem
To share my strength and time for them.

I can imagine how the wind broke the embrace of your wife and child
I can’t tell how much suffering you can bear when storm took them

How hard it is to start again?
What strength is need to rise from pain?
I step forward with my passion,
I want to help and make them strong.

I know people are stronger
When together for each other.
We can stand even it is harder
Because all of us is gather.

About We are stronger than Yolanda

This poem is my tribute to the victims of the strongest typhoon Yolanda “Haiyan” recorded in the history. Yolanda hit central area of Philippines. Many lives lost and destroyed the livelihood of the people.

I really don’t care much as I expected that the storm is not that destructive. But then what happen is different from what I am expecting. My sympathy get stronger and touched my heart to offer my help.

I will help in re-packing goods and contribute some donation tonight at the INC relief goods station in Tandang Sora. Thank you Jennie Genita for inviting me to help. I felt like it is only the first time meeting you but actually it is the second time arround.

It was a good experience to participate and help this kind of mission or activity. I donate 12 packs of pancit canton too and gave over 3 hours for preparing the plastic back ready to get filled with goods.

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