You might have been frustrated on updating your WordPress by entering FTP information that doesn’t work. The real problem here is the system credential on the Apache httpd.conf must be correct. The default user information on the httpd.conf on the line is:

User nobody
Group nogroup

This line must be change to:

User admin username
Group staff

This will allow the file permission to write on the disk and can update your WordPress automatically. Having the correct admin user on the httpd.conf configuration will make the WordPress installation and update to run without asking the FTP information.

You may find the file to edit on this directory /Applications/XAMPP/etc/httpd.conf

Edit the file on your favorite text editor and update it. Save the file and restart XAMPP Apache server and check if it is working.

WordPress permission must be set.

The permission must be set in order to run update. You might also need to change the folder rights of the users to make it writable. An update cannot be process if the folder is not writable or the user has no rights.

Enjoy your WordPress Update

You can now update your WordPress on your dashboard and it will go to the process.