Trust Fall


This activity is good to develop trust in your partners. From the word itself it means that you must gain confident and put trust to your partners when you fall. It is done by standing at the edge and to fall down with strait body posture to the ground. Your partners or participant will catch you safely at your back.
This is very easy if you know that there are people who will be at your back to catch you. But in other case, some instructor will put a blind fold where the key person cannot able to see if there are someone who will catch when the instructor ask to fall.
The objective of this activity is learning how to trust your instructor or mentor on whatever they ask you to do. Have a clue that your instructor will never ask you to do unsafe thing.

Believing can develop trust. It is hard to trust if you don’t believe. Believing is the easiest way to learn. That is why trust fall is often included in team development training.

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