I went to This Is Kadiwa event alone but ended up meeting new and old friends. I don’t want to miss this happening. I will regret for not coming because my locations to the venue is very near. World Trade Center is just one ride from Bagtikan St. corner Pasong Tamo St. by LRT sign board jeep. My expectation is very good and it goes that way. I don’t have much time to stay on the event but I satisfied myself for about an hour.

This is KADIWA Speed Dating

I love to see the Speed Dating and Jail Boot, congratulations to the hearts that meets and get to know each other. The common question you can observes is what is your name, are you single, and your locale and the rest is bla blah bla. The conversations sound sweet. I wish to register on Speed Dating but I did not my heart is fully taken.

I see people more on taking photo and saying hi to new friends. I love to hear the mini concert too.

I can remember their face but I cannot recall their name because my name list got scramble. Luckily one did text me, her name is Eden from Cavite and I can clearly remember her face. If I could extend my stay for the long time I will try to participate on each activity. I hope to meet Leah, Aims and Emmylou but I cannot extend my time, I have to go to my bro Mons' house. I am glad to see my teacher in High School Mr. Cainglet. Kadiwa parin po ba kayo Mr. Cainglet? Thank you for all the friends I meet and nice to meet my old friend.

We can say that This Is Kadiwa is very successful. I am hoping for this kind of event for the next year, and wishfully this event happen every quarter of the year. Thank You This Is Kadiwa.

If happen to be that you are the person on the photo, please contact me to acknowledge your name.