Thinking big


Being contented is good but thinking big can make a difference. It is a very interesting book to read, The Magic of Thinking Big, and what I understand is that our mind need exercises. It is like muscles that become stronger when it is continuously training.

If you want to earn big then you have to think of big income if you fail at least you earn a little. If you think a little then it’s sad to hear if you earn nothing when you fail.

Think and Dream Big

The poorest man in the world is the man without dreams.

Dreaming is free and I know that people who are not dreaming are already six feet below the ground. Keep on dreaming while we are alive.

Thinking big help us in our actions

When we expecting something we have to be prepared. When you think big, like imagining yourself as a successful person. Our action and behavior will be change. Your imagination will give you the ideas to do and accomplish what is inside your mind. In the other side thinking a little can make you a lazy person who do things only for themselves.

Donald Trump - Think Big

What can I learn today that I didn't knew before. I love to learn from his idea, watch the video and learn from everything that Donald Trump are telling.

What did you learn?

  • I learn that training or exercise can help to improve our muscle and also our mind.
  • Our mind is our though factory, what we think inside can be process into reality

You can make a difference

  • People set their limitations when they are being contented, when you can think more and bigger you can make a difference.
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