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The wolf saw the rabbit


This is the story of the wolf chasing a rabbit for food. The other wolfs join and run together for the hunt. After the long hunt is over, which wolf caught the rabbit?

While all of them are persistent and determined, the one who can catch the rabbit is the one who has the vision and see the rabbit. Without vision you get tired soon and lose hope.

But life is not just about vision, it is bound by commitment or action. In the end of the story, none of the wolf caught the rabbit. Why? The wolf is only running for their lunch and the rabbit is running for its life. The rabbit commitment to survive is greater than lunch.

There are two motivational ending story that you can learn.

A wolf saw a rabbit and chases the rabbit while barking. Then the other wolfs notice that the first wolf is chasing some food so they run with the first wolf and bark while chasing. Few minutes more and they still hunting over the bushes and everywhere. Hours later they get tired and stop their hunt.

The man that will continue to pursue his desire is the man who sees the vision that he already achieved it.

The moral value of the story is for you to have visions. You can work hard and persistent but without your visions, you will never know where you are going. Having a good vision can push you to your goal more efficient. Your will power to survive or to succeed is depend on your reason! You must understand what is your commitment.

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