One day the leader eagle wanted to teach the turkey how to fly gracefully in the sky as they do. They get together at the top of the cliff and started the lesson. After teaching how to use their wings they began to flap it together and fly. To start with! They must jump off the cliff. The altitude is so high that the turkey must have too much courage to try. When learn something new, you have to apply it and the turkey did. Not all birds with wings can fly like an eagle and that is what the turkey wants to learn. Doubt and fear arise knowing that there is a big difference in physical capability and appearance, but it doesn’t matter because they really have to try and learn.

The leader eagle find out that the turkey is afraid to jump on the cliff; he knows that they can fly but they have to try. So he pushed the turkey on the cliff like what they do on their baby eagle.

You don’t know how strong you are until being strong is the only choice you have. – Bob Marley

The turkey is falling down so he must flap their wings to fly or else he will die. It was the great decision, you never know unless you try to do it. Just before he hit the ground he manages to fly and does what the leader eagles explain. It is a great success on the part of the turkey, he discovers that soaring above the skies is great and have much more places to discover. The lesson has ended and the turkey are so thankful to the leader eagles. Without your help leader eagle we can never fly high in the sky.

But! Then the turkey went home walking not realizing that he already know how to fly.

turkey learn to fly story

The Turkey Learn To Fly Story

What did you learn?

  • Always give thanks!
  • You have to try to succeed
  • Share your talent
  • Take courage
  • It is sad to think that you already know how to become successful but you are not doing it.