The Newbie Frog Secrets


There is a deep well with a flock of frogs live. Over a year they stay and die on that place. For them getting out of that well is impossible like elders tried many times to get out. One day a little frog are wondering what’s good about the world outside and he begin to jump and get out. The elders keep on discouraging the little newbie frog for it is impossible to get out.

Stop about dreaming that you can make it, we are already old enough to say that you can’t do it.

The newbie frog keep on jumping and soon one day he will know the world outside, while the other frogs keep on telling him to stop acting that it will never going to happen. But the frog did it and said;

Thank you for cheering me up!

What it is the frog skills that he manages to get out that well even if he receives much discouragement?

You may tell all the positive attitude of a successful people like being brave, perseverance, courageous, hardworking, smart, determine, and other positive traits of a successful individual.

But what is Newbie frog skill that he manage to control his attitude?

The newbie frog secret is that he can’t hear anything that he just thinks the other frog is cheering him instead of discouraging him. It help him to focus his goals and become successful.

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  1. J.Kulisap
    J.Kulisap says:

    Pagpapayabong ng ugali ang iyong ipinahahatid.

    Ilang beses ko ng natanggap ang babasahing ito pero maganda.

    Kung alam mong mas mapapabuti ka sa kagustuhan mong tumalon sa nakasanayan, huwag mong pakinggan ang mga humihila sayo paibaba, pero hindi rin masamang makinig dahil kapag matanda na ang isang indibidwal ay mayabong na ang karanasan sa buhay.

    Sa huli, pangarap mo dapat ang nasusunod.

    • dlysen
      dlysen says:

      It's nice to be humble and have a good mentor, but if you're about to hear negative and discouragement, we must not listen to it and thats the frog do. Physically the frog can't hear in the story.


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