It is good to be there at Philippine Arena the world’s largest arena. It has 55,000 sitting capacity. Once again it was filled with people gathering to hear and share the truth written in the bible and I was there to witness the event this day of August 2, 2014.

I am so lucky to get in to the bus going to the arena because the bus was reserved not for us. Some one was able to ask if we can ride together with them and get lucky to have a sit.

I went separated from my colleague at the bus because I am starving and I went for a place to eat. I’ve been alone for a while until Lindsay Lapitan saw me and approached me to join them with her family and friends.

Performers, singers and dancers entertained the crowd before the evangelical mission starts around 4:45pm with a prayer.

Philippine Arena make this is the biggest crowd that I been participated.

With that kind of numbers, you will gain new friends and prospects.

After the gathering I went straight back to the bus 94 to retain my sit but it is already full. That time, I am missing the chance to capture the night view of the arena outside so I left the bus and the bus don’t wait for me and go off. It’s okay because I manage to get few shoots of the night view of the Philippine Arena.

I found another bus and lucky to get in the bus heading to QC Capitol. I jump off the bus stop at New Era Central Avenue and arrived home safe while it is raining.