Make Decisions with the Advantage of Long-Term Information Instead of the Disadvantage of Short-Term Information


It easy to make decision when you can determine the benefits you can get. Be careful from short term information because you may not know what happens next. The good or bad things in your mind can cause you to decide. When you invest in stock market and notice that your investment is going to drop, the tendency is to withdraw your money because you have the fear of losing, while knowing the economic conditions and applying the long term information you might do the risk to buy more stock and gain more benefits in the future.


While if today the rate of gold and silver is going down, it is either you sell your gold or buy more. If you think of selling out your commodity and assume that you will lost the value of your precious metal then your decision is base only on the short term information but if you are going to buy more and take the advantage when it is cheaper, then your decision is base on a long term information. Buying commodity at low price is the opportunity to hedge its value for it become well in the future.


Smoking and drinking alcohol can give benefit in some other ways. You can socialize and make more friends from it, but your health conditions are going to suffer in the future.


Don’t engage into a relationship quickly especially when you felt the love at first sight. Modes and feelings can be overwritten in instance when you get to know more of the persons. Long term information is always important in making decisions when you are going to have a relationship. You have to know more of your partner and that cannot be done in a short period of time. The person can caught you by the first impression but sooner or later you can get disappoint as you get to know each other.


I love gadgets when it is new but I hate it when there is something better after few days. Have you experienced to buy gadgets and after few days something new is coming better than you bought. Most of the case gadgets is best for short term information because of the innovations, there is always something better in the future. You can apply long term information by checking the durability and quality of the products. You will buy the products because you can have it for the long time.

If you fail to know all the information before you decide then it is hard to tell what is going to happens next. The risk is always there when you don’t know what you are doing.

What makes a difference?

  • Making decisions is easy when you know the information.
  • Sometimes you have to wait or you have to decide quickly but you have to know the right information first.

What did you learn?

  • Don’t decide when you are not sure about, information is important to avoid failure.
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