Teach me Kung-Fu


The old mates at age of 60’s are fishing on the river and on the other side a kung-fu student are practicing his lesson although he already master at his level. He is so proud that he is the strongest among all the students.

After the lesson ends, the students are watching old mates fishing while they find something unusual. One of the old mates went to crossover the river to urinate, they see the old man just running over the water to cross the river, and get back after. They saw another one to crossover the river and went back to fishing.

One pupil become boastful then he attempt to try and said that if the old man can do, I can do it too, and the boastful pupil tries to crossover the river. The students were panicking when they notice that their friend is drowning. They ask the old man to save the life of the classmate.

bridge pole

bridge pole

After the old man save him, the students were asking how they can easily crossover the river without drowning, and what kind of kung-fu is that. The old man laugh, There is no kung-fu technique, did you know that ten years ago there was a bridge over there, the bridge is gone but the pole are still there where we use to step to crossover the river. If you ask us first you probably crossover easily and not been drown.

Learning from the experience of others is the shortest way to success. Following the footsteps of successful people is the fastest way to become successful.

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  1. superlolo
    superlolo says:

    A very nice story...nice lesson pa.
    Parang ito rin...
    “The difference between school and life? In school, you're taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you're given a test that teaches you a lesson.”


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