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It’s good to live in this generation where you can take pictures from camera installed on different gadgets. Mobile phones and digital cameras that are rarely exist from 1970’s and below.

I only have a few pictures to kept from the past that can brought me back to remember we’re I was. Most of my photo are not personally mine, but own by whom I am with. I am with the group photo and other are form the stolen shot.

Take pictures on every place you’re going for the first time because it is nice to remember when it was. It is good to see how young you are or become sexier as of now. Take photo with different people you meet in life, its good to remember that you been with special person like celebrity and most of important friends or family.

Pictures are the evidence that you can share to people, friends, and family. You can’t bring the place where you went or the food you eat but we can took pictures of it.

Sometimes we have to trash some photos that only give us bad memories, keep only the good ones. The pictures in relations from the past love life will sometimes put some smile or make you feel sad.

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