Take an elderly person out to dinner


I remember when we went out dinner with other kids. I don't know them and I can't recall their names but the memory remains especially the man who brought us together to a dinner. My mother used to help Mr. Tapalez on laundry, that is why I was given the opportunity to be invited to a dinner.

From Mr. Tapalez home, we picked the other kids at Tandang Sora, near Old Balara Elementary School. From there we went to Max's restaurant at Quezon Avenue. I grew up missing the taste of chicken we shared on the table. There was something on that day that I won't forget, maybe it was my first time to dine with the person I only meet once and never forget. I wish I can remember the names of the other kids and the real name of Mr. Tapalez.

It would be nice if there will be a second time around to be with them on a dinner.

Good meal, good conversation, great memory. It's what I've learned. If you have given a chance to treat a child or an old man. I know for sure it is a good moments to remember.

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