No matter what happens from now. I will always love you.

My Thanksgiving 2017

My Thanksgiving 2017: Dear God, Thank you so much for all the blessing that I had. My life isn’t complete without experiencing troubles and hardship. I asked for it because I need to learn how to deal with it and I am so much thankful for the whole year of Your loving grace.

As the year ends 2017, I am so blessed with all renewed hope and love. Thank you so much more for providing us all the things we needed and for the holy spirits that guided us the right way when my direction is failing.

My friends, I am sincerely and be more willingly be at your service when I can. A lot easier when we can put things up together. There are so much accomplishments with friends with the same goals and visions. Thank You dear God for my friends.

It is easier to give love than before. When I felt that Your love is flowing towards me, I’ve learned that it is okay to fall-in-love again, to give love again and again... and to love wholeheartedly when You give the right girl for me. You love us first and loving you back is the greatest relationship man can do. I love you dear God most of all.

year end thanksgiving 2016 at INC Temple

Year-End Thanksgiving To God 2016

Dear God, I humbly offered my thanksgiving and I will always give thanks to You for the rest of my life. Everything is possible to You and I always trust whatever happens to me is Your will.

Thank You so much for the understanding love. It helps me to let go and step forward. I can always look back at the time I’ve been in-love, to appreciate how did You made me accept that my relationship end with grace. I learn when I understand and I am very thankful to You dear God.

Thank You for all the people I met. Some are strangers who become my friend and friends who showed up when You are sending blessing. I can feel the love You have for me in different ways. I will always treat people with respect and kindness. I will greet them with love and thank You God for having them.

Thank You for the opportunities. I failed many times at the trials and searching for the right opportunities. I know that You are only teaching me to understand, and giving me experiences to be prepared for the right one for me. Thank You so much for having me this kind of struggle, I cannot manage to survive without You. You’re my constant source of strength, and hope to believe that good opportunities will be bless to me for living. Thank You for daily blessing and opportunity that You had given to me.

Thank You for the life. I always wanted to serve God with all my life. Thank you for giving me the standard to live life in Christian way, to obey Your teaching and share Your words. I am giving my life by living the way you wanted me to do. Amen.

Thank you for Student life. Going back to school with the help of my brothers and sister is a kind of blessing that I want to appreciate. I got new friends and ideas in life. I learn that there is so much more to improve and take care. Dear God, You are always there to guide me whatever comes along.

Thank You for my family. I am always thankful to have the good family. One day I’ll be the head of my own family. Thank You God in advance for I will have them in the right time.

Thank You for the special person who change my paradigm of dreams. I don’t know if she will be gone soon just like a messenger in my dreams and disappear when I wake up. Thank you so much Anne for the mean time.

Thank You for the visitors of my blogs. I hope that I can post more good things to share with them. I hope they found it good and helpful. I know that this is one of the channels of your blessing. Thank you for helping me how can use this blogs in the right way.

Thank You for everything that happen to me and thank You for whatever comes next. I love You so much dear God.


When you are sad have a good cry then find a good listener someone who will respect your ability to find your own solutions

Midyear Thanksgiving To God 2016

Happy thanksgiving. I will always be thankful to you my dear God, for it is always nice to see Your chosen one being thankful. I’ve been in trouble and hardship. Pertaining to this year alone, all I can do was to cry and surrender to Your name. Thank You God for giving me a good rest. I know that troubles and hardships are design to test my faith. You are always there to check me out and give me rest when I about to fail. I can always feel your love and support all the time.

When you are sad have a good cry then find a good listener, someone who will respect your ability to find your own solutions.

I am so sorry when I though I’ve failed. I’m so sorry when I felt that I’ve lost Your love. I’m am so sorry when I lost myself and about forget You. Dear God, I often check myself before the end of the day because I love you and I want to make sure that my heart is seeking You. Your love is the greatest and I will love You above all. For all that I had each day, I will always ask forgiveness and give thanks.

Thank You for the time, I don’t know the right time and the perfect moment but I will always thank you as long as I live in time. There was a time that I thought it was impossible to happen, and I did it. I thought I cannot break my one of promise to someone and now it’s broken for it is just a matter of time. Because I know that you can restore anything in Your will and in Your time. Dear God, thank You so much for the time for I will put my Faith and Hope in You all the time.

I’ve learned so much from worship service and I want to live in the way You want us to live. Thank you for guiding my heart at peace, I understand that love is very comfortable in the peaceful heart. Thank you so much for giving me the understanding heart and the feeling of peace and serenity. Thank you for this kind of heart that I hope to share with others. This will reflect your blessing to me for the glory of Your Name.

Thanks for the opportunity and blessings! I always want to go back to school and finished my study. I am really fond of learning and this kind of opportunity knock once again in my life. I don’t have a definite plan how to finish it but I will make a concrete road for my graduation along the way. Going back to school is a perfect diversion for my emotional troubles. It’s good to be back learning. Thank you God for your guidance.

Happy thanksgiving to all.

Thanks for the people that I met and I all the strangers that I will meet along the way. I hope to strengthen their faith and be a good branch to bear fruits. Thank you so much dear God for making my life meaningful. Amen

happy thanksgiving

When you are sad have a good cry then find a good listener someone who will respect your ability to find your own solutions

My Grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. ~ 2 Corinthians 12:9

Year-End Thanksgiving To God 2015

Happy thanksgiving. This year is great or good enough? It will depends on how I see it. I feel great for all the challenges that I’ve been through. I humbly bow myself down for the bad experience. In the summary of it! I am thankful for whatever happens, because in any case or situation there is God to look over and love me.

Love life – Thanks for the love! I am lucky to feel the love of God. This kind of love from God is the feelings that you can not compare from anyone.

Lessons – Experience taught me how! I’ve learned from hard way where I have to suffer and feel the pain. I’ve learned from my fear and doubts where I have to face it no more. I’ve learned when I am happy and grateful when I know everything can be taken away from you any time. Life at the edge can changed me and I had to learn and discover not to fall down again and again. When it turns out that I don’t know what to do, I give up, surrender, and accept the fact that I am not good enough or I can not able to do so. But I never quit! I’ve learned to seek God’s help and that is how I understand how God’s love is good.

Faith – it’s hard to surrender the belief that you have in your heart! Information may poison your mind but don’t let it get into your heart. We can get confuse of what is happening but I am rest assured that faith in my heart cannot be shaken. I thank You God for You are more than willing to enter in my heart. How can I feel God’s in your heart? I must keep the faith, surrender and obey.

Family – My family is my strength! I already lost my father last year and my mom’s just pass away this year. Thanks You for our parents. They taught us how to live in life and how to die at peace. They are the perfect example to show us that life is to short to waste on something not important. Life on earth ends whether you do good or bad things. And my parents taught us to know how important know know bad and good things. Farewell to my parents. Thank you God for having a family that making us close together and learn from each other.

Blessings – I asked so hard for the blessing that I wanted. I just don’t realise that all I need is a little of God’s grace and that would be enough. Thank you God for suppressing Your blessing to me. I may misuse the blessing if too much or this can lead me away from Your grace. Thank You for giving me what I have right now.

Friends – I have a good friend. Thank You for making us to lean and support each other. Sometimes the words that you want to speak for me came out from their advices. Thank You for having them to be with me as we journey in this life.

Naptalyn – Thank You so much for having her! She is such a great person in my life. She will always be in my heart because she is the girl who taught me how to reach You. She’s the girl who led me to feel the love that I am receiving from You. I have so much to tell about her but I prepare to keep it in silence and on prayer.

Mid-Year Thanksgiving To God 2015

Happy Thanksgiving. I know it’s too late to post my mid-year thanksgiving note! I want to express how much I love to give thanks. I am glad to stay faithful and loving to my girlfriend and so much more to our Almighty God.

I learn how to keep prayers and talk to You our God with sincere asking, and because of that we humbly obey what is good and righteous. Grant us the strength to continue this good habit and because this make us feel so close to you.

Thank you for my life-partner “Naptalyn” to be with me all the time. She supports me with her loving heart and I hope to give all the love from me in return. Thanks so much for making us together and learn how to make our relationship strong. We’re glad that we are having a happy relationships and understanding heart. We made our first meeting anniversary and thanks to You that we made this far.

Thanks for the blessing that You are giving to us. We manage to survive in this wonderful hardship because we earn wisdom and power to think more good things.

Thanks for the family that I have. For the gathering and bonding that we’ve been. All the feelings and happiness around us, thank you for having here in this kind of family.

Thank you God for I am INC. I want to continue living the path that you show me. I am always wanted to be one of your faithful servant. Thank you.

Year-End Thanksgiving To God 2014

Happy Thanksgiving! With so much love, hope and faith! I can’t say much how I should thanks God for being good to me. Dear God thank you so much for accepting my thanksgiving.

Thank you for the struggle that helps me to become stronger in every hardship that I surpass. When I felt the emptiness! You’re there to filled up what I need, spiritually, emotionally, physically and financially. This only proved me that You never forsaken us.

Philippine Arena Full House

I am so grateful for having the right people in my life. They are my family, friends, strangers that I met and all the good people that surround me. I think I already found the girl that can stay with me for my rest of my life. She is a very significant person that I want to give thanks for this year-end thanksgiving.

Thank you for giving me the energy to work and wisdom to think what is good. This help me to accomplished my duties and most importantly to offer my myself and worship You. Sometimes when I’m sick, thank you for restoring my health back. Thank You for protecting us and putting away troubles that we cannot manage. I love you God for everything You did to us.

Thank you so much for the leadership of INC Executive Minister for taking care of the whole church. We know that they care so much to lead us to You.

Thank you for I learn to know my self more, that now I understand some of my weakness and strength. Thank You for the holy spirit that whisper the words of righteousness, they guide me to obey Your teachings and help me understand Your will. Thank You for guiding me always.

Thank You for helping me discovers my new skills in Photography. I know all of my talent and skills are nothing if it is not use to serve You. I hope to find the way to use it to glorify Your name. Thank you for helping me to learn new things.

My offering may not be enough to give thanks. It’s all that I have to offer and my self to give thanks. Thank You. Thank You

Mid-Year Thanksgiving To God 2014

Happy mid-year thanksgiving 2014. This mid-year was filled with worries, lost and challenge. Worries to face financial crisis, my father past away last January and facing new challenges in life. I must go on and together with God, you and I are not alone.

I appreciate so much for being a member of Church Of Christ. It’s the only treasure that I can bring to God. There is always a reason to give thanks. Having your life is more than enough to give thanks in what ever situations.

Dear God, thank you for having my dad. He passed away and taught me good values in life. I’m so thankful for having a dad who serve as a role model. We still have a loving mom, thank you for making her cheerful and in good health.

I love making friends, thank you for leading us to find good friends. Some of the are not yet a member of the Church Of Christ, thank you for giving us the opportunity to bear fruits, to invite them become one of your chosen one.

I am financially broke dear God and I am more willing to give thanks for giving me strength and wisdom to face my problem. You are the great listener whenever I talk to You in a prayer.

Thank you for all the opportunities. You offer me a blessing that I am responsible to work for rather than nothing. I appreciate it so much for you’re abundant blessing that I can work for.

I know more about my health conditions, thank you God for making me understand what is good for my health. It is a hard adjustment on my diet but I believe that my reason is enough to stay healthy so that I can always visit your dwelling place to glorify your Name.

Thank You for all the blessing that we have. I am happy to witness the 100 years anniversary of Church Of Christ and we continue to praise and gave thanks dear God.

Year End Thanksgiving to God 2013

Happy Thanksgiving! Thank you for all the trust and respect that I gain this year. Having more connections with great people is such a wonderful blessing. They become the channel of my blessing. Thank you God for letting them be part of this year journey. Though I was been in many struggle, God provide me the wisdom to manage and handle it. And now the year is about to end I love to give few details and significant things that I want to give thanks.

The first quarter of this year was a decision making. Going back to Singapore with unexpected timing wasn’t really a plan because I want to continue my study in school. that is the shift and twist of an event.

This is the peak of my financial blessing compare to the past five years. Even if I haven’t much savings I had a change to buy foods that I wanted to eat.

I am physically fit to do extensive exercise so I still have the opportunity to reduce my weight if I need to. I’m sorry for my self for stretching my work capacity and ability to meet deadline be glad that you deserved a good rest soon. Thank you Good for giving me strength to accomplished my task and job well done.

It is good to see that my family being together although each of us has some shortcoming, we can still manage to understand each other and forgive Thank you God for being part of this family. There is so much to be thankful if  only I can make them to be member in the Church Of Christ, let me do my part to share my faith and help me bring them with me together and worship You.

I hope I can mention all the names of the people that I meet this year. I want to give thanks for all the time we’ve been shared together. Dear God, thank you so much for making that day happy.

Thank you for the weather, from the best time to celebrate and the worst thing to remember. We experienced so many calamities and economic struggle. Thank you for making us stand and continue to do move on. Having you on our side is so much appreciated, thank you for protecting us.

Thank you for helping me to suppress my emotion, the certain feelings that I don’t need to get out. I know that it is best to keep unspoken or not to act. Thank you for I can still feel your spirit for sometime being disobedient. Thank you for helping me turn back on your side.

Will all my heart I thank You God for making me prepared to the new challenge after this year end.

Mid Year Thanksgiving To God 2013

Happy thanksgiving and I am very glad for this year is so good to me. I had less worries and troubles and cannot avoid losing people I love, but still I want to say thanks for having them as part of my life.

I want to give thanks for the blessing and for all the new people I’ve meet. Half of this year was a very good break to me. It is because I use my talent to apply on the things I love to do.

I’m happy going back and forth to Singapore and have a good travel experience in Malaysia too. I’m glad to be here in in Philippines were the foods and my Family is here with me. I am thankful God for giving me a travel experience.

Singapore is one of the place I love doing my projects or making a way of living. I am thankful to have good companion at the office where I am working. Thank you for making my them all friendly and nice to be with.

I appreciate so much the health and strength you gave to my parents. Thanks for the blessing that cover up all the expenses and hope for having our parents stay longer.

Thank you God for I am not able to find girlfriend. I may not be able to give attention to her but please let her know that there is a man like me who’s already been loyal to her even we haven’t meet each other. “May nililigawan ako, sya na siguro yun. Okay lang kung hindi mo muna ako sagutin.“

Thank God for the people who trust my talent and services. They become the instrument to receive your blessing. I am very thankful for having them and I will reflect how grateful my God in performing my obligations to them.

Thank you for the strangers, I believe some of them will be called in your Church. I am thankful for making me friendly; being friendly helps me to invite more souls to become yours brethren in the Church Of Christ. I have more prospects to gather in sharing the Truth. Thank you for making me an instrument.

You bless my business and the people who are close to me. Thank you for continues love and support in every work we have. You are always been our guide and partner. Our success happens because of Your help.

Thank you