Review and Moderate Post that Appears on your Timeline, Groups and Pages.

When Your Friend Tagged You in unwanted post!

Take control over your Facebook timeline because anybody can insert something that you don't want. Don't let anyone post on your timeline. To do this you have to update Facebook account settings.

Update: Who can add things to my timeline? Only Me

Only Me - means that no other users can post on your timeline but you. This will prevent others from taking advantage of your friends and followers by using your account to promote their post. You are letting other users to reach your friends and followers by allowing them to post on your timeline. It's good if the post is beneficial to both of you but what if the post is against you? So be careful and I recommend to set this settings to Only Me.

Update: Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline? On

Another way to let someone post appear on your timeline is by tagging you. Update your setting to On! this will allow you to review it first and decide if you want this to appear on your timeline.

Why these two settings are very important to me?

It will help you to protect your identity and your business too. Your Facebook timeline is also a mirror of your charater and reputation, so don't let your detractors damage your character. You need to manage your timeline and review things before you allow it to appear on your timeline.

Same things goes with your group settings.

Follow this link to update your group settings.
Update: Post Approval: check - All group posts must be approved by an admin.
I recommend this for the goal oriented admins where you are taking or leading your members to the next level or to reach your goals. You are not taking away their freedom of expression but you are showing them how to discipline and avoid negative post. By doing this you are allowing only positive things and you can still have a time to talk to people why their post was not approve. Moderation very is important to protect your group interest and goals.

Posting Ability of other people posting on your page

Like what we said above! posting ability must be always review and moderate. If you have a Facebook page then update the Posting Ability of other people posting on your page. I recommend "Review posts by other people before they are shown on my Page"§ion=posting_ability&view

How do I react to people who keep on tagging me their post!

My reaction to this is simply update my Facebook account settings. What really annoying is when they keep you tagging and still taking your time to review if you want to allow it on your timeline. Most of the content is like promoting something that is not related to you. Its nice to talk to them personally not to tagged you and hope that they obey.

You can block the person or unfriend if its not really helpful. But here is the bright side of it. Aside from never allowing it from your timeline and removing your tagged. You can add positive comment and counter promotion or somethings else. Like sample comment "Hi name_of_tagger", thank you for tagging me and here is my thought about it. Just add anything that you want to promote too. This is what you called ridding on someone else effort. You can support or counter information and now your are being efficient on tagging other users because it is already done.

Celebrate Diversity

Be proud of what you have and who you are. When you feel different from others then be the first to accept and love it, let the rest follows how you love yourself. Appreciate who you are and feel great about it. Learn how to celebrate diversity.

Celebrate Diversity

From the moment in time you got to know who you are and starting to love yourself, celebrate as it is your birthday. No other person can love you more than how much you can love yourself. So don’t kill ourself and die because it is unfair to those people who love you more than you love yourself.

Look at the man with out arms; they are very good in using their feet to feed their mouth with food and most of all they can smile.

Take a look of the photo I grab from Tumblr. I don’t the original source of this photo to give credit. Thanks for this inspiring photo scattered on the net.

Yes all have something in common but we also have diversity that makes us difference from each other. We can always take advantage of it by learning how to live with it while others dare not.

Another successful person like Nicholas James "Nick" Vujicic. He figure out to love and respect who he is. He learn to hope and become successful even if he has no arm. I am totally inspired by his ambition to live like normal people and how he give hope and inspiration too.


When I started my blog I am afraid of the readers opinion or the comment they will give. I am not a good writer and my English is bad too. For the sake of making money, I blog whatever it takes. It’s good that I did the first step, because if I don’t, I will never have my experience right now.

My first idea of blogging is to make your original content. This kind of thoughts paralyzes me to compose or write. When I have nothing to post for a long time I look for the old articles from magazines, newspapers, and journals to make some reviews. This helps me to publish fresh content on my blog. It’s nice when you got comment by surprise. That comments motivates me to publish more.

Tumblr Reblog

Blogging is now easy with Tumblr, sometimes others can express our feelings more than we can. It may be a co-incidence that you got the same thoughts and re-blogging it shows that you’ve agreed. Tumblr allows to reblog post from the origin and link it back. It is like others will do the job for you.

Today I just realized that re-blogging standout where you get the best post from other and re-post it. This is possible on Tumblr. I just notice that even if you are not much with originality you can be popular. I know some blogs with over 40,000 followers (she has over 70,000 followers in less than a month) established her name ( ) by just re-blogging or re-posting good and inspirational content from other. For Leisa Canlas of "" it’s all about inspiring others by sharing good post from everyone. is now moved to


Facebook did to my old friends?

Do you know that I really miss missed to be with my neighbor friends friends and neighbor? We love to hang with each other’s and talk a lot of stories, jokes, and do things that make us really hard to forget. We love basketball that we go on team as always we win and lose, it does not matter as long as were together.

I just miss missed them because I think I am almost out of the group where I can't do the thing they do, just before we did together. with them. Schedule is much different unlike those were the days in school we see each other after class and see each other house watch tv , play with pets, and go around inside the malls. Schedule does not fit this time. And beside some things they do are the things I now refuse to do like drinking alcohol. I can’t be with them anymore when they are drinking. Sad to say that because I know the best way not to be drunk is don’t drink or taste.

Thanks so much that I often receive an invitation where they want to go, but I always not available to be with them. I just miss missed them the way we been together as teenager.

I have not much time to talk and hang with them anymore, I just pass passed by the street and bye bye. Thanks to facebook, where meet all up here. Sharing some stories, jokes and problems yet to come. Just like the way i missed them to be with them. Now I am glad to be with them this way on facebook.

FarmVille Level Up

If you want to gain 300xp you only need 3000 coins where you plant soybeans in 100 plowed lands and delete it after planting then repeat again and again. It’s up to you how fast you will execute the tricks.

Farm Ville

How to Level up fast in FarmVille?

Xp is requirements to level up the game and were going to check where we can get xp points in a short period of time. This means that where going to level up quickly. First we get xp point by plowing where we get +1 and planting where we get another xp point on the crops. Select the crops that is cheap and greater xp points, in this case we will select the soy beans because we get +2 in planting. The idea is that we don’t have to harvest the soybeans. The trick is to delete the object after planting so that you can repeat the procedure as long as you have enough coins to buy. In the summary, your expenses is only 30 coins, 15 for plowing and 15 for the soybeans, where you gain +3xp points, +1 from plowing and +2xp from planting.

You can try buying and selling like “hay bale tricks” that will cost you 100 coins per 5xp.

FarmVille Quick Level Up Summary

Plowing, Planting, and Deleting will cost 10 coins per xp. Hard work but cheaper and faster.
Hay bale tricks will cost 20 coins per xp. Just buy and sell if you want.

Thank you for the traffic

I would like to thank Noypf for bringing more traffic to my website. According to my google analytic is on my top 10 All Traffic Source List. Noypf SEO works so good that you can ride it on just make a very good contribution and be part of its growth.

The traffic comes from search engine to noypf to and to my passive income links. I believed that it is hard to compete with the giant, but if you learn how to use them you can be part of its growth. Like I use Facebook, Friendster and other top ranking sites, if you cannot beat them join, use them, play with them and you will see the result of your traffic. From that site you can get unstoppable traffic if you are friendly enough to share good things that are very interesting.

It is hard to make traffic all by yourself. Making friends is the key of having continues traffic. That is why we use social network to gain more friends.

It is like just riding to the big wave and enjoying the benefits of making friends.

Operation Back Link Overrides

Override is one of the techniques I use in SEO. It works when you appear on a top ranking website. You can override them by placing a back link on a top ranking website. This strategy came out to me when I am using social network on Friendster. I notice that I got more visitors whenever I put back link on comments on the popular profiles. My back links appear every time the profile page is visited and it’s a good advertisement for me. The idea is chance to put ads and the opportunity to arouse visitor’s attraction to visit my site. Then I start social media hopping to apply what I experienced.

I don’t usually make comments to my friends and plain text is enough for me to say something. Then I try html to put a back links to my site. I can express more using html and make my comment bold to see. Make your comment become a center of attraction and you see the result of having a good traffic from your back links.

You can get more traffic for free using back link, I am new to a forum, I don’t want to engage any conversation to them. I been directed to forum when I’m on a research, but now I am more willing to answers and engage to the topic. I find out that signature gives you privilege to put a back link in every question you answered.

Override the topic trough your comments especially on blog post. Contribute to the topic and give insight. Make a sensible contribution and gain acknowledgment from the reader and the authors. They will follow you trough and seek you to get to know more about you. This is very effective strategy you can use.

The Secrets Behind KKK Success… Facebook?

What if Dr. Jose Rizal has a FaceBook account, do you want to be his friend. And if facebook exist early on the day of revolution will you be updated and share a post.

Dr. Jose Rizal Facebook

kkk conversation

kkk conversation

Private vs. public profile in social media

Which is better Private Profile or Public Profile?

If you want to get social only with your friends then its okay to make your account on private. But its okay to have your account in public when you want to promote something and you want the world to see what they need to know about you.

Publishing your profile to the internet is one of the common usages of social media website. Sharing your information is one of the key features in order to make the others seek you. But what it is really the difference of making your profile on private or public.

Private profile protects your personal information and members will have limited access to your profile or no access at all. It is one of the common options to hide your information. Settings your profile on private is disallowing members to see your full profile.

Public profile is open to members to read information about you. They can see the information you put in your profile. Every member will have more idea about you and more often you become more interesting to the others who view your profile.

In my case I use to set my profile on public, so that I can share something that benefits me and the viewers. I use to set my profile on private on the earlier time but it does not give me potential to share information. At the first place I notice that we can only put information that we want and really not published the info that is private. Never to published your private profile if it is really private, sooner or later you it will be expose even if you set things in private because it is still published in the internet. If you want to share information that is good for you and to others I choose to make my profile on public so that anyone can see what I want to give them.

One of the benefits of making your profile on public is that you are making an advertisement for free. It is an opportunity to use this benefit. Imagine that you can share something to the World Wide Web and millions of users are welcome to see what it is for them that will benefit both of you.

Let me give you an example how I utilized this benefits. I create my profile like introducing my favorite books that helps me how easy to make money online. I also share good information and keep them update so that they comeback more to visit my profile. More of my visitors become one of my regular customers and some of the do what I did.