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I am blessed to have a happy heart

My first cry was amazing and I believed that I brought joy and happiness to the world especially to my Nanay. I am not conscious and aware (as a new born) but I know now that my happiness was a pure blessing. I am so blessed.

Blessed: I think I had enough

I wanted to discover how happy I was back then; how did I share my happiness with my mom and to others who cares to me so much. Can you imagine the day when you were in your mother’s arms and close to her heart? She protects you from any harm and gave you so much time and attention. I can say it was unconditional love, so pure and so kind. I don’t know how much love I need but I think I had enough.

Sometimes I got pity. I was emotionally hurt and feeling down. I wanted something that I couldn’t have. How much longer should I endure this pain while making myself happy? I asked myself how much longer do I have to cry; is it until tomorrow’s light? I wasn’t afraid to lose this happiness taken away by someone I let go. I cried again and it was amazing. I believe that I still have my heart that can be happy from within. I really missed my mother’s hugs and her caring instinct from where I felt happiness from within. I missed my mom so much.

For anyone who asked me about their tears, fears and burdens, I had shared my thoughts and advice to my other blogs too.[Paano Maka Move On] I am wishing for you to find your happiness from within and remember that you are also blessed with a happy heart.

Happy Mother’s Day Nanay! Thank you for being my inspirations and helping me to have this kind of happy heart. It’s all about the love that you had with us.

Trial Commitment and Love

What Did The Kite Taught Me About Relationship?

I want to share what did the kite taught me about the relationship. When I was a child during elementary days, I love to create my own kite. The only feeling I knew about flying kite was fun and I never knew that one day I could relate and understand more about the relationship. There is a quote about a kite that said “the kite fly against the wind” and that is very well known to us. It means that you get success in every problem that you face and solved.

Let us substitute the kite with some of the ingredients of the good relationship. The kite body stands for relationship status, the string is the commitment and the wind is love that must not stop in order to keep on flying. And both of us are holding on the string.

This is my story and I only want to share this because you might find the valuable lesson. I hope that you can also use my experience for uplifting taught.

Trust and Faith

I wouldn’t try to make my own do it yourself kite if I knew that it wouldn’t fly. Even it is my first time, I had a faith that once I followed all the instructions It will be efficient and all my effort to build that kite will become successful.

The trust and faith in kite making are just like how I enter the relationship. I believed good things happen and if I just follow my heart and then success will be waiting. I have to trust and have faith that my good intention and vision is coming. Success comes after trials and your faith must not be shaken to reach your goal. You must have the ability to wait with the right attitude. I am waiting for the windy day to come.

The worst case is if time isn’t in favor of you then you might wait for too long. It is not about being happy, it is about having faith. You can find happiness from within anyway.


I step on many trials from the making and flying kite. I need to find the best materials to assemble. To launch the kite, a body must be balance and the wind must be enough. I had to run when the wind was weak just to maintain its position, but how long I’ll be running? When the kite was about to crush down then I had to extend the rope to recover up. Sometimes I needed assistance to push up the kite up. If you don’t know how to fly a kite from the start then you will never know what kind of relationship you are having. Learn to avoid mistake!

Trials and courtship are alike. You must understand first how to fly or how to make a good relationship with your partner. If the wind is love, then don’t fly kite during the storm because won’t make it if the body is weak. If the love is weak then you have to put more effort and care. The love must be enough and not too much because your partner might not accommodate that kind of love. It sounds unfair but it happens to me. Adjustment is very important to recover up and build up. You must always have a vision of success to fly and make it trough trials.

Maintaining the kite above or making the relationship stable

Steady relationship means enough wind, balance body and strong string. In other words enough love, balance relationship and strong commitment that you are holding on.

The relationship goes down without love. You know what is the hard part? Your commitments are still there; it is like the string of the kite that you keep holding on. I will not fly without the wind or without love; I dare not to make a relationship without love.

Letting go of the relationship is also letting go of the string. Commitment is something that you agreed upon from the first start. Commitment should grow while the relationship is going higher. When love is pure your commitment can do whatever it takes to make it. The love in the air will be nothing if the string of commitment is cut. Your relationship will be falling out of nowhere and without a string attached it will be hard to be found and recover back. Just move on when you can’t find a way to go back.

When you are already contented

Satisfy and happy. At the end of the day before the wind change and before I get tired of holding on the string. I felt that I had enough. We all know that there is always time to rest and give thanks. To returning back from where we came and rest. To return to our creator is kind of rest. I had flown a kite and watched them in love, faith and hope. I had experienced the relationship with love, faith, and hope but it isn’t perfect. But I am proud, satisfy and contented for accepting God’s will.

What did happen to my past relationship? And what is next to come? Everything starts with trials, you have to learn a lot from the start and accept whatever it is. I don’t want to build a relationship without a good foundation. The commitment will grow along the way. Commitment is the reason why people stay and stick with you even the love is weak or fading.  Yes, commitment is more than a promise. Commitment is more than responsibility. Commitment is the home of unconditional love. When I say I love you, I mean it for a friend, my family, and my future wife. I don’t have any purpose without love and I will live to share my purpose in life.

What did you learn?

You learn that relationship must be balance.
You learn that if love is weak then you have to support and nurture it.
You learn that commitment is how you can do whatever it takes or let go.
You learn that trials are there to make you a better person and handle relationship.
You learn that nothing is permanent, so you better getting ready to accept and adjust for changes.

lost in the crowd

It’s Easy To Let Go If You Know How To Get It Back!

You don’t need to be worried of losing something important if you know how to get it back. And YES! it’s really hard to accept that the things once were in your hand was gone. You need to know how to get it back to help you not to worry much.

About Me

Yesterday I’ve lost my phone! A Lenovo K8 Note together with MyPhone basic phone. The moment I noticed that it was not in my pocket, I already admit my carelessness and assume that it was slip-out on the tricycle that I rode from Manansala St. to SaveMore, V.Luna extension. This is not my first time to lose mobile phone. My Starmobile Octa-Core was lost or stolen by pickpocket on the bus right after I got in the bus at Philippine Coconut Authority on January 2015. It is very easy to let go mobile phone when you can afford to buy a new one.

About Waiting

So I think you already get over me and let our relationship end. You know that I will always love you and that will be easy for you to get me back. I am happily waiting but please don’t make it too long because my heart might be stolen.

About Love

Don’t asked me how easy to get back the love you knew once was true and then fade. Admit that when you let go, it might never come back. The things that you cannot control are impossible and hard, but you can always learn how it goes and how it works, to find the opportunity to manage.

About Money

The rich people are not afraid to lose all money they got because they know how to get it back, while a poor people are the opposite.

About Faith

You have to let go of yourself and surrender! Admit that you cannot do all things and sometimes all you can do is to cry. Cry to tell your God that you already did your best and you need help. God is waiting for us to seek Him so He can restore us back. Let go and surrender all the things you cannot do, your God is always have a better plan for you.

Why good is therein goodbye when it suppose to break your heart?

I embraced my farewell when I woke up knowing that you are not coming back. You had been part of my life and that moment in time, it is good to say goodbye.

Let’s just say goodbye can give good luck as you bless the departing people from you. Why this causes our emotion to feel good or bad. I assumed that were just letting go of someone we are used to be.

Why I feel good about goodbye

I can taste it sweet when I felt it coming from your heart, some kind of feeling that I wanted to treasure in my memory and my thoughts of you is thinking of saying hello once again. It’s a kind of event that I expect to be good and hoping for the comeback.

Why I feel bad about goodbye

Luck is not always on our side. We can’t assume that it will be the last word that you can say. It’s always nice to say good things when you are saying goodbye. People can easily remember the first and last moment with you. I feel so bad when I can’t erase those bad memories I had with people that I've been with but I hope I did the right things. Sorry for the trouble, and I make sure that I’ve learned from it.

What did you learn?

You can say goodbye and flavored it with your feelings, it’s nice when it comes from your heart.

You can Make A Difference

Let your goodbye be remembered for the good things you did, and learn from the experience you had from saying goodbye.

Be careful not to over commit.

Try to swallow while your mouth is too full. You will get choke when you can’t accommodate. Understand this and you can relate what it is mean not to over commit.

It’s nice to make a commitment but you have to comply what it is.  Commitment gives challenges that you must be prepared.

Learn To Say No

One cannot manage too many affairs; like pumpkins in the water, one pops up while you try to hold down the other. – Chinese Proverb

Learn when to say yes and when to say no. You have to know what you can do in due time so you can be confident enough give your commitment. Commitment is a responsibility that you must take care and attend.

Think before you commit

You must know what you’re doing more importantly if you are giving your commitment to others. You have to say it clear the level of your commitment. Like “I try, I do my best, and I do whatever it takes” most people succeed when they commit whatever it takes. People who try may quit soon enough when they get tired and people who do their best can fail when the best they exert is not good enough.

A commitment is important ingredients of success.

In relationship, marriage is a failure without a commitment. Sometime it is weird that the minister asks if you love each other for better or worst. It is a common sense that they want to get marriage and obviously they love each other. This is because the minister and witness want to ask your commitment.

Commitment is the blood of your business, without it your business die. As long as you keep on doing the right things and committed to grow your business then success is right there.

Remember the level of your commitment and make it clear. Don’t commit for a false hope, being honest to what you can give and do whatever it takes can make a difference.

What did you learn?

  • There are three level of commitment, “I try, I do my best, and do whatever it takes.”
  • Think before you commit to avoid giving false hope.

You can make a difference

You can be successful by reaching your goals whatever it takes.

Would you rather be right than happy?

Congratulation if you are happy and the person who knows how to sacrifice happiness to be righteous, a person who is living by his principle. What is happiness anyway if you’re the only one who can feel it? They believe that being right is a seed of happiness that can grow abundantly.

Sometimes we come into a person's life not to make them love us but to let them feel that they're so much worth loving for.

Sometimes we come into a person's life not to make them love us but to let them feel that they're so much worth loving for.

There's a difference between goodbye and letting go. Goodbye is "I'll see you again and when I am ready to hold your hand, and when you're ready to hold mine. Letting go is "I'll miss your hand. I realized it’s not mine to hold, and I will never hold it again...

In relationship letting go is better than being selfish in love. But it is hard to let go the person you really love and cannot live without. Some people break their own heart rather than the heart of their love. It’s hard to choose to be right than happy. You bare the pain and sacrifice because you believe something is greater after your struggle. It is better give up what makes you happy for today, because you can catch them for tomorrow.

In business you would rather focus on what you started than entertaining every new opportunity. You might end up nothing to accomplish. Give your commitment to finish what you’ve started. There is always a temptation, better than what you are doing now. Even if you jump over the new business, new opportunity will always comes along. Let grow on what you started. It is better to be right than happy.

I would rather humble than arrogance. I think being humble is nicer than arrogance; it is just depend on what you stand for. It is about knowing yourself and telling others who you are.

Would you rather be right or be happy?

There are many positive things that can make you happy while being right. You have to learn to be flexible in what you feel. I choose to be right first and happiness will follow. You can be happy anyway if you want too.

You can make a difference

Being happy is good, but you can do right thing to make it better.

Learn when to let go and move on.

I remember the story of how to catch monkey in India "the hand of the monkey are stock inside the jar if the monkey will keep holding the things inside the jar, therefore the monkey cannot move fast if the jar is stock at the hand." and this story is very good example how can you move on easily. Another example is the hot air balloon where you have to drop the sand bag to rise. We often times don’t let go of our dreams because we already learn to live and dream with it. Specifically it is our wants in relationship, material things, and everything that we are in love with. Even the situation isn’t comfortable we’re able to attached our self and mindset to feel that it’s okay. We always believed that there isn’t an easy way to move on and it’s true for those people who can’t understand why to let go.

Why you should let go?

  • Because your emotions isn’t good for it
  • Because that thing are pulling you down
  • When things destroys your health
  • When it gives insanity
  • You are not making profit
  • It isn’t value for your time
  • To Move On


Why you should not let go?

  • Because you still believe and someone believes in you.
  • Because you are hoping for something
  • Because you can bear the pain and struggle
  • When there is someone who support you
  • You know the return of investment is good
  • You can enjoy the time with
  • To Carry On


Learning when and why you should let go is important in making a lifetime decisions especially in relationship. It is also important with regards with money and investment. To let go of your job and comfort zone. You may not notice the danger if you are not aware that you should let go or hold on.

Commitment will solidify your belief. This is the reason why people cannot be able to let go. You can stand firm with your commitment but please bare your struggle to move on. Sometimes it can be hard and painful but it is your guts to overcome it.

let go of what you think you know

What is the process of letting go to move on?

Seek closure – this can help you understand more the situations. You have to know where you stand and speak out gently what you feel and intentions. Let your heart do the talking and let your mind observe your feelings. Know that life is just a cycle repeating itself, because you may meet again on the other plane.

Get Weird or have fun– You have to know and enjoy more about yourself. Do something that you may never forget because those things will help you to cover up. Watch movie, and get along with your friends. Keep the faith and completely trust God for He is there to comfort you.

Move on – Make if fast and don’t try to look back. Face and see the brighter future. Tell yourself I love you and I will take care of you. Tell yourself that you may get hurt again but you’ve already learn to love yourself and nothing to worry about.

What did you learn?

  • It is something we cannot learn without experience.
  • Let go of what you think you know

You can make a difference

  • Your commitment will make you stand still and you can move on even on life full of struggles. “sorry but this is not the kind of life I wanted.” You can still make a difference this way. Lol.

Keep in touch with my friends

I always want learn something new with my friends. Knowing information about them is a nice way to keep in touch with them. It develops strong relationship and comfortable to ask for help when it needs.

Forsake not an old friend; for the new is not comparable to him: a new friend is as new wine; when it is old, thou shalt drink it with pleasure. – Ecclesiastes 9:10

Protect your friends no matter what, because you are a good friend you still have to protect them even some of them aren’t real. It’s always nice to have a new friends but your old friend know you more somehow.


How to keep in touch with your friends

I simple greetings that you receive can make your day complete so you can do the same. Anybody can do it but some people play lazy to give empowering words.

Hi and hello always start at the beginning, it is like giving new hope to your friends when you greet them.

Extend your care with your friends, they may not ask for it but making them feel that you are concern can make a different. It is a big support by knowing that there are people who still care for them.
Communication is the best way to reach their heart. Just say something wonderful and lend your ears. They may say something that can ease worries.

You can use technology to deliver your message like, internet, mobile phones, and post cards. Sending a gift is sweet and awesome.

Ask for a gathering and meetings. It’s nice to have a bonding and get to know each other from time to time. You can plan for a vacation, or travel adventure, make fun and enjoy.

Be lucky to have old friends who have had the opportunity to see you at your best and every state in between. They know what makes you thick and appreciate how far you have come. They understand your flaws and love you anyway.

Friends’ Love at all times – Proverbs 17:17

It is time to appreciate the friends who have made a difference in your life. Friendship doubles your field of influence.

Couple Kissing

A Kiss Apart

We’re just both here at the same room;
Together but still we’re alone
There isn’t any affection;
We’re trying to get connections
It’s good to hug your girlfriends' heart,
And look on her sweet loving eyes
A warm caress and gentle kiss;
Sharing the air we couldn’t breathe.
But we are really miles apart;
Defying love remain untold
To the future it is behold;
Shall I remain till I grow old?

About A Kiss Apart

This poem is just a mixed of my emotions from the different person I kindly like so much. It is a mere compilation of my thoughts about them. Honestly I wanted to write a birthday poem to Lutchie but it does not appear to be a birthday poem. If you want to ask about the gentle kisses, it’s for my friend who’s name is Ma. Lourdes. And I don’t know about the last part, because maybe it will turns to be Grace you.

couple kissing

Couple Kissing

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