Republic Act 10175 “Cyber-crime Prevention Act of 2012.”

Blogger as a career will be more valuable be more professional. It is very true since publishing any article, images, audio and video must be compliant to Republic Act 10175 “Cyber-crime Prevention Act of 2012.”

The Advantage of Republic Act 10175 for Bloggers.

A blogger can ask for high pays because they are risking themselves to publish an article that can be sensitive and even if it isn’t, a blogger can demand a good pay since this law can affect their freedom. Before we can say anything and we are free to express what we want to say. Sometimes we really need to say some things against someone to let people know what is happening. It may be good or bad but it is the law to implement and so we miss our freedom.

A blogger has its new milestone where RA 10175 was approved on September 12, 2012 and become effective on October 3, 2012. If you are guilty under Republic Act 10175, you will be sentence to 12 years in prison. You can ask for 12 years financial support for blogging and spreading humors “just kidding.”

As a blogger I would feel more respectful and professional doing my hobby or job. And I am more confident to ask more pays than before.

It will come a time that a blogger as a career will soon have a course in college for recognizing its profession.

What makes a difference?

  • Blogger has its new milestone and more respectful profession.
  • You can always ask for good pay as your level of professionalism get high.

What did you learn?

Republic Act 10175 or Cyber-crime Prevention Act of 2012 was approved on September 12, 2012.
Republic Act 10175 was implemented and effective on October 3, 2012.

Why Do I Love Google Adsense On my Blogs

I like Google Adsense for for monetizing online. It is something that can save your financial crisis. I fall in love along the way with Adsense.

When you take good care of something useful, they will return goodwill that you can enjoy more. All I can do now is to say thank you Google for providing us this wonderful service.

What is Google Adsense for me?

Basically it’s an advertisement you published together with the content where it shows relevant advertisement. Your blog can earn when the advertisement is serve and visited.

Google Adsense Policy is Important

Do not try to violate the rules and regulations of this service because they are implementing it very strictly. So I keep on reading the updates from their blogs. It is better to follow the policy and enjoy this service. It is an opportunity to have continues passive income

My Google Adsense was nearly suspended.

My bad that I was editing my html code on my localhost while my adsense is showing up. I immediately reply for the email notice and express my sincere apology. I am so lucky because some other blogger appeal was not consider. I am so glad that my suspension did not lead to termination. Please be careful and always check if your blog is following the policy of Goolge Adsense.

I want to remove my Google Adsense

Sometimes I don’t want Google Adsense or any advertisement to appear in my content. I want to make sure that my reader is focus on the message to avoid destruction. But I want to show my gratitude to Google Search Engine because most of my visitors are from it. I am lucky when my link appears in the first in Search Engine Result Page. Gratitude is a gratitude, take it or leave it, my reasoning may not be consider but that’s the way I want it to be.

Enjoy your Adsense Look and Feel

Place your ads in a nice place, and make its color blend well on the theme of your blog. Did you know that your Adsense can generate more income when it is place on strategic location of your web page. When you blend its color and appearance your ads will be looking normal as it is part of your content. This is just a basic tips how you can maximize your earning potential.

What makes a difference?

  • With or without advertisements my blog is still a blog, but consider this if you want to make money.
  • You can blog and earn money at the same time.

What did you learn?

  • Practice the give and take relationship where you can experience the win-win situations.
  • Gratitude is the priceless thing that you can offer.

How to make money on the internet without a website?

On the first era of the internet it is mainly use for information sharing. It supplements in promoting and advertising.

Most of us think that only those who have own a website can only make money online. People make money on the internet by selling, promoting and referring to buying customer to a merchant. It’s ok if you are incapable of having a website as of the moment. For some reason you can buy a worth of a website but you’re not capable of buying because of the requirements sending money. To cut the story most of us don’t have a credit card or tools use to buy online.

Let’s now make money online without having a website.
There are a lots of thing you can sell online were they will provide you a referral link to acknowledge your sales. This is what you called the affiliate marketing where you promote a product that gives you a referral bonus after sales. You can use your social media accounts to talk about the things you are selling and give the referral link for your sales.

Register to a Merchant that offers affiliate incentives.
Commission junction
This list can offer you a affiliate link that give incentives ever sales you refer.

Where to put your Affiliate link?
Use your social media networking like facebook, friendster, myspaces, twitter and more to promote your products link. You don’t have to have a personal website to do this. All you have to do is to promote the links you have in your page and let them buy.

Dlysen offers affiliate link where you can make money by following the steps here. Affiliate guide

Tips on effective accounts payable system

1. Schedule your payments.

Make the most of your cash flows by setting goals for your cash collection and cash payment. Having a schedule will make you remember important dates. Paying on time or ahead of time will avoid extra charges especially to the merchandise that create interest.

2. Organize your documents.

File all your invoices according to your payment schedule so you can remember the details of your payment when the account becomes due. Your document must be place where you can see often to remind you of the things to do. The organize documents will help you identify the priorities and easily track your transactions.

3. Prioritize your suppliers.

Identify who among your suppliers should be paid first. There are some suppliers you can afford to pay later. In this way, you can manage timing of your payments properly. Prioritizing means that you must not fail to deliver on time. Payment or collection must be done on time according the schedules

4. Be a reliable payer.

When it comes to paying, make every effort to be consistent with your supplier. The supplier will give more trust if you never fail to comply with the agreed terms, payments or contract.

5. Watch danger sign.

Analyze your cash flow patterns to see if you are having difficulty paying your accounts payable. If you take action to fix it early enough, you can avoid serious cash flow problem later on. Observed your transaction whether you are losing or making money. Check the difficulty of your obligation when it comes to paying. Study why you are making hard times on paying, check your budget and monitor your expenses, cut it down if needed.

Thank you for the traffic

I would like to thank Noypf for bringing more traffic to my website. According to my google analytic is on my top 10 All Traffic Source List. Noypf SEO works so good that you can ride it on just make a very good contribution and be part of its growth.

The traffic comes from search engine to noypf to and to my passive income links. I believed that it is hard to compete with the giant, but if you learn how to use them you can be part of its growth. Like I use Facebook, Friendster and other top ranking sites, if you cannot beat them join, use them, play with them and you will see the result of your traffic. From that site you can get unstoppable traffic if you are friendly enough to share good things that are very interesting.

It is hard to make traffic all by yourself. Making friends is the key of having continues traffic. That is why we use social network to gain more friends.

It is like just riding to the big wave and enjoying the benefits of making friends.

Money On Farm Town

I really though before that “Farm Town” was a waste of time, but now I agreed to Kathleen who comment on “” that it is such a nice application, when it comes to the idea of socializing I see a strong marketing flow. Most of the gamers are friendly and have the same common goal to earn coins , rewards, bonus or money. What if you invite them how to earn real money with your business online, some will join, some will not, and so what, there is always next in line.

Can you make money real money on Farm Town?

Farm Town may not give you real money but the user playing that application will do. My first source of income online was a pay per click scheme that rewards every time you refer new members to a products or services. I use my social network friends to do the same thing so that all of us can make money. The idea pop out that I can really make money online. I started a research of what other types of online revenue can be done easily and someone was already successful of doing it. The AdSense that gives revenues from every valid clicks and the affiliate marketing by profiting from others products are making passive income from the traffic that brought by socializing in any way.

Using Farm Town Application able us to meet new people online and give the opportunity to talk about something. You can start building relationship with them and soon they become your business partner. Playing Farm Town gives us common goal, and that is to get rewarded. The idea of making money is there so divert them to how they can make real money online.

And this can be done also with the other similar game, whatever it is, coin, points, or credit you can it’s all about what you can get in return. What if there is real money in return of doing this. It is not a waste of time.

Mall Vs E-Commerce Website

Trading goods is like selling, it makes the living of the people from the money they earn. How technology of selling goes at this time. From the history people start trading to make money and others for collections. How about these days? It evolves the way how to reach the market, a sari-sari store where only a nearby or people passing by are their market, then somewhat vendor roaming around to sell its products yet still the market is few. Then there is a marketplace where lots of people came because the products they are looking are there. Mall emerges to give more convenient to customer and much attractive.

Now a day’s Mall vs Mall are in competitions to get most of the market. What I want you to notice is that the market of their products competes. From a small sari-sari store that has only few markets, to a marketplace that all people from community can visit to a mall that is much convenient to go.

Where people go today to get something to buy? They buy where the products are cheaper, convenient and save money.

The E-commerce unnoticeably spread worldwide. Its power can market globally through internet. It gives more convenient that you can do it anywhere you can access the internet. If the mall can accommodate visitors locally to sell goods, what more website can do if it is available all over the world? Undoubtedly many millionaires are produced from the internet marketing.

If you where an entrepreneur what is the best thing to have that can be easily start and make money, invest for a mall or e-commerce website.

Sell nothing but make money anyway

How can you make money without selling?

It is unusual to make money without doing anything, but now I will let you know how I make money doing nothing after wards. I said afterward means that you will be doing something to make money.

I’m doing this for a year now and my income is already auto pilot, it will generate money doing nothing. But do you think that we really do nothing, it is only a motivation. What we are doing everyday is to check how much money we are making. My point is we’re really making money.

We sell nothing but we make money in other ways, maybe not from having our own product but other products by means of our web pages we can do it.

My revenues come from different sources, from advertising, selling, affiliate etc. Sell nothing but make money anyway is one of methods that is very easy to do. We can apply this to advertising, you don’t have to sell but to refer customer.

How it’s works? Did you know that Google AdSense gives revenues in every click from the publisher website or blog? It is the link and banner ads you see in the website. It show the ads related to the content inside, related to the topic of what you can read on that page and the ads design to feel it is part of the content. And then there a reader or visitors that will get interest to click on your ads. You make money when it’s happen.

What is my story of doing this? I am just an ordinary internet user just like you. I use to join lots of social media networking like, Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, MySpace, Tagged, Noypf and more. I also love chatting online with my friends and have more friends online. I write or post comments and blogs what is in my mind. These are the things I do that are also common from all of us. But what makes difference is that others are making money doing this and how about us.

I came up to a research what they are doing that I must do to make money. I look for the keywords about making money online and find people like Markus Frind of “” and Ashley Qualls of “” that are making money not just little but huge amount. You can research these names and look for the news about them, how much they are making and know how they started. The things they have in common are their website was become popular and get more visitors each day. They manage the ads in the website and make revenues from it.

So how did I start? The first thing that I must do is to create a page were you can able to post your content and ads at the same time. I start posting my blogs, my thoughts, my idea, and what is going on to me in Afterward, I apply for Google AdSense that can able you to post ads on your blogs and I start making money. The beauty of this is that you can start earning without giving any single cent but give your time to create a nice content to your visitors that will love to read.

What is the key? You make money in every ads click you got from your visitors. Your goal is to make your page more visitors to get more chance of making money.