While the other are afraid with fears be brave to overcome yours

This story is about the the villager who act like a ninja and accidentally saved the princess. The villager had no idea what was happen and he had nothing to be afraid at the moment.

It was a fine day off for the princes to play near the swamp. She rode on the boat and the river pulls the boat to the middle of the crocodile circle. The princes was afraid and never had the idea how to get out. She waited for the help and rewarded the one who can save her.

The villagers informed the king about the conditions of his princess daughter. Everyone who tried to save the princess got swallowed and eaten by the crocodiles. No one in the village wanted to rescue the princes after seeing what could happen to those who tried. The king announced that there will be gold to reward and be able to visit his daughter anytime.

Why should I be afraid?

Something happens somewhere at the middle of the crowded people. There was a young man as quick as a ninja and as fast as the wind blows who went over the princess by jumping over the forehead of the crocodile. He manage to rescue the princess with the breath taking moment. With an effort to give as if it will be his last.

The villagers and the knights gave an outstanding salute to the man for his courage and bravery. They were very amazed how he did save the princess. Was it because of the rewards? Or he suddenly fall in love with the princess when he saw the princess at first sight.

The king asked the young man what was really happen during that time and a follow up question "What is your first request?" The accidental ninja says, “Bring me the man who pushed me when I only wanted to know what was going on here. I did not know how successful I am today if I did not try to survive. I still wanted to give my thanks to the man who believe and trust me that I can."

What did you learn?

Some people will trust you for the capability you have. They will push you hard because they believe that you can.
The accidental ninja could die if he thinks twice. Don’t stop until it is done.

Let’s make a difference.

While others are keeping their fears of doing things be brave to overcome yours and you will make a difference.
You will never know how successful you can be if you never try.
If you think you are tired then you are almost done, don’t quit.

Remember to say Thank You.

You are the poorest man if you can't even give thanks. Thank you is the word that attract more blessing and opportunities. It is to confirm that good thing is done. With or without an offering, saying thanks wholeheartedly can be enough to give back.

Always find ways to say thank you.

Don’t let the perfect timing pass by. It’s the opportunity that to  say that “I notice, I understand, I acknowledge.” Being thankful is a way to express your appreciations and happiness.

The word of thanks is a word that is good to hear and can echo into the heart forever. Mean it when you say it because that word can easily felt by heart.

How can you say thank you if the person is already gone, so please say thanks whenever you have a chance. It is a priceless moment of time where you were able to say thanks.

Give thanks for everything you have for our loving God provide us all of the things we want. Never forget to give thanks to our loving Father.

Give thanks in all circumstances - 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Thanks for all the blessing that you receive from everyone. Sometimes it is hard to say thank you when you think that you are losing your pride but please go and say thanks because there is much positive effect on saying thanks.

You are the poorest man if you cannot even say thank you.

Thankfulness is one of the most important habits. It attracts more blessing and opportunities. Thank you means that a good things has been done or will be done. Let your heart express this gratitude by your words to say thank you for this act can make a difference.

The positive effects of saying thanks

  • It is a way to show that you humble and down to earth by giving thanks.
  • Saying thank you acknowledge and shows appreciations.
  • You can start a good relationship

You can make a difference

  • Say thank you even if you don't really need help but to say your appreciations
  • The moment of saying thanks can be lost forever if you forget to say it.

Thinking big

Being contented is good but thinking big can make a difference. It is a very interesting book to read, The Magic of Thinking Big, and what I understand is that our mind need exercises. It is like muscles that become stronger when it is continuously training.

If you want to earn big then you have to think of big income if you fail at least you earn a little. If you think a little then it’s sad to hear if you earn nothing when you fail.

Think and Dream Big

The poorest man in the world is the man without dreams.

Dreaming is free and I know that people who are not dreaming are already six feet below the ground. Keep on dreaming while we are alive.

Thinking big help us in our actions

When we expecting something we have to be prepared. When you think big, like imagining yourself as a successful person. Our action and behavior will be change. Your imagination will give you the ideas to do and accomplish what is inside your mind. In the other side thinking a little can make you a lazy person who do things only for themselves.

Donald Trump - Think Big

What can I learn today that I didn't knew before. I love to learn from his idea, watch the video and learn from everything that Donald Trump are telling.

What did you learn?

  • I learn that training or exercise can help to improve our muscle and also our mind.
  • Our mind is our though factory, what we think inside can be process into reality

You can make a difference

  • People set their limitations when they are being contented, when you can think more and bigger you can make a difference.

Father and Daughter along with the Carabao

After the busy days of work in the farm, the father and her daughter are going home before dark. They are traveling with their carabao along the way and they have to pass four towns before they arrive home.

On the first town, the bystanders noticed and said "that father and daughter are fool, they have the carabao to ride in but they are not." The father heard what they are talking and so he asked his daughter to ride at the back of carabao.

On the second town, the bystanders noticed again and said "Look at his daughter, she knows that her father is tired working all day. I wish she consider her father to rest somehow." The daughter heard what they are talking and so she asked her father to ride with her at the back of the carabao.

On the third town, they are both smiling and never expect to hear some talks about them. But the bystanders noticed them again and said "How poor the carabao is abuse that way. It had worked all day and that stupid farmers are still ridding." They heard them both and plan what to do before heading to the next town.

Guest what happen? It’s a big laughing out loud. The father and daughter carry the carabao on their shoulder. The mother said when they see them "You two are failure if you keep listening to those negative people. You don’t have to deal with them and leave them along the way."

What did you learn?

  • Focus on your good start.
  • Don’t let other people drives you what to do.
  • Don’t deal with negative people, avoid them.
  • You will experience obstacle but as long as you keep moving you will reach your destination.

Accept And Forgive

I walked from afar to reach you
Fall on my knees and beg you
Wave goodbye and crash out our heart
Make time and distance be apart.

Soon we will cross again
hope to accept me for who I am.
Let us throw away the pain
From depth of mountains rest

Smile and start singing
rejoice for our new beginning
Be happy for what we’ve wept
Have courage for what is left

Don’t let your memory be diminished
thoughts of vows unfinished

About Accept And Forgive

This is a short poem about love, letting go and moving on while hoping that someday both of then will cross it's path and journey to the same road together.

Read books to a child

Can you remember the first time you listened to the person who read the books for you? I can remember my mom reading books to me. The best part of the story telling is not falling asleep after listening but the valuable lesson you learnt. Who can read the story book sharply at age of three? Congrats for those who can. And so while looking at the photo of each page my mother explain what happen.

I will list few stories that my mother told me which gives moral value, guide and wisdom to my life. I learn that I should not be greedy when my mother tell the story of the greedy black crow. The story of Homer The Owl that makes me courageous and brave. The truth and the lesson from the Bible is the best of all time.

Once you acquire wisdom it will benefits you. Reading books to a child means will not only to help them learn and grow wise; reading books to a child will also make them remember you.

A book is good company – Henry Ward Beecher

Read books

2014 Spring/Summer Picture Book Preview By Minh Le

Control Your Jealousy

Don’t get jealous! The how you resist jealousy is how you keep tolerating the pain.

When other people are having things that you wanted then you might jealous. Jealousy can be dangerous when you cannot control it.

We get jealous by love or in a relationship with your partner because you think someone will take it away and we get jealous by materials things because you don’t have the things that other has.

How to get over your jealousy?

Breath the air, I know the feelings of getting nervous and the mixture of bad emotions, just breath the air to survive this. The next step will make you feel better. You have to know why you are being jealous and break it down to understanding. Keep on breathing. Jealousy is really hard to understand while anger and hate will pop up anytime when you can’t understand why. Relax and continue breathing.

You have to visualized good thing to happen but don’t lie to yourself, if it is bad, it is really bad. Be thankful that you can prepare and plan to avoid it.

Good communication can help. Be honest and tell what you feel. Listen and understand on the feedback. Sorry if you get jealous by mistake or intentions, humbly understand and forgive them anyway if you want to get over it.

Trust is the best antidote for jealous but don’t put your trust on that person or materials, instead put your trust on God that what ever may happen you can smile at the end of the day. That person you trust can fail you and those things may never be yours. What you can always have is hope that God will never fail you. Trust God to get over your jealous. You may find your self more loving when you trust God.

When you manage to control you jealous, then it becomes positive energy. It creates harmony in between. You become strong not to lose hope and feel better at the end of the day.

Live in the present

I am telling my story to a first year college student taking his second semester that failed three major subjects when I was freshman. He told me that I is wasted but I smile and answer him, No! it wasn’t. I value it as I learn something. When he told me about getting perfect passing grade on his exam I told him that I had that experience too. Passing and failing gives you both experience that you can use now and in the future.

It is more wasted when you pass the exam but didn’t learn or used it in your life living the present. Good for those who experience failure that knows the pain of being left behind. The past will support you to live in the present; you just have to learn from it to use them well. Your past will tell your strength and weakness.

How to live in the present?

Start giving thanks to God for having your days and to live forward enjoying His blessing. Start breathing the air and affirm that you are happy to have your life to live.

Smile and feel it. It is really hard to smile when you feel sad, but keep smiling and eventually you will find yourself happy. Sounds like crazy but try it, it works.

Don’t worry about the past; instead use them to make your day. What you have learned and experienced will help you to deal in the present. It’s your chance to make change and succeed.

Make priority and manage your time. We only have 24 hours per day so make the most of it productive without stress. Know your schedule and avoid delay and you will enjoy the result of having more time.

Express your love and share it as you have more than enough. When you give love then you receive love too.

Forgive specially to those people who ask. Forgiving It is the best way to let go of your grudges. Grudges will stole your happiness in the present, forgive and let go of your grudges.

In the summary: I just want to take note that it’s hard to live in the present when you still live in the past. There are more ways to live in the present. Think positively and you will find it.

Live in the present

Celebrate Diversity

Be proud of what you have and who you are. When you feel different from others then be the first to accept and love it, let the rest follows how you love yourself. Appreciate who you are and feel great about it. Learn how to celebrate diversity.

Celebrate Diversity

From the moment in time you got to know who you are and starting to love yourself, celebrate as it is your birthday. No other person can love you more than how much you can love yourself. So don’t kill ourself and die because it is unfair to those people who love you more than you love yourself.

Look at the man with out arms; they are very good in using their feet to feed their mouth with food and most of all they can smile.

Take a look of the photo I grab from Tumblr. I don’t the original source of this photo to give credit. Thanks for this inspiring photo scattered on the net.

Yes all have something in common but we also have diversity that makes us difference from each other. We can always take advantage of it by learning how to live with it while others dare not.

Another successful person like Nicholas James "Nick" Vujicic. He figure out to love and respect who he is. He learn to hope and become successful even if he has no arm. I am totally inspired by his ambition to live like normal people and how he give hope and inspiration too.