Addicting Games

I don’t want to install games on my desktop because it will only attract me to play and take my time away from doing more productive work. There are games install in my desktop but I don’t play it either because it’s very old kind of game.

Lourdes left playing online games ( Coursed Treasure TD ) on my desktop. I try to play just to see how to win the game. You can find this game online and you don’t have to install it. Just load it from your browser and you can start playing games. I love strategy games, I know that playing strategy games will take a long period time and when you fail the mission you will not accept to lose again on the next fight. I start playing on July 05 up to July 09, 2010 today. Even I complete the mission you will still love to play it again to see if you are now a better player after last game. You can say that I’m addicted to it now and I have to control myself out. I missed lots of schedule because I was stock on playing.

When I was on high school my favorite strategy games are War Craft I “Tide of Darkness” and War Craft II “Beyond The Dark Portal”. I also use to play the Command and Conquer also know as Red Alert. These games make me addicted. I played almost a week just to complete the mission.

After all I asked myself what did I learn or achieve from playing games?
1. My brain enhances my thinking and become more logical solving the puzzle.
We learn from our experience or from our previous mistake and we use this to prepare for the next time. Have this in mind and you will avoid of doing the wrong things again and again. This will bring you to the most efficient way of doing things.

2. You have to level up to solve some mission or you cannot win the game if you’re not equipped.
How matter you give your most strategic way to play the game, you can’t not win. It is because this required or something missing. We can say that in this level you are now match and you have to have some reinforcement to win. Jumping on the plane will require a parachute or else you die.

3. When you love the things you do it gives you more energy.
I asked myself how did I able to stay awake for almost 3days and having only and nap of 2hrs each day. There is something essentials on playing games that I must discover. I make a list of the day I have experience making myself awake more than a day. I take down notes what is similar of making myself full of energy on that day and let’s analyze it.

I found the same thing in common are the reasons of doing this things and the rest is followed, the attitude, the skills, and spirits.

These are the reasons I found  on that days.

  1. You simply don’t want to lose or you have to accomplish immediately.
  2. It makes you interested, learn and enjoy.
  3. You love it.

Without these reasons your energy will eventually drop.

FarmVille Level Up

If you want to gain 300xp you only need 3000 coins where you plant soybeans in 100 plowed lands and delete it after planting then repeat again and again. It’s up to you how fast you will execute the tricks.

Farm Ville

How to Level up fast in FarmVille?

Xp is requirements to level up the game and were going to check where we can get xp points in a short period of time. This means that where going to level up quickly. First we get xp point by plowing where we get +1 and planting where we get another xp point on the crops. Select the crops that is cheap and greater xp points, in this case we will select the soy beans because we get +2 in planting. The idea is that we don’t have to harvest the soybeans. The trick is to delete the object after planting so that you can repeat the procedure as long as you have enough coins to buy. In the summary, your expenses is only 30 coins, 15 for plowing and 15 for the soybeans, where you gain +3xp points, +1 from plowing and +2xp from planting.

You can try buying and selling like “hay bale tricks” that will cost you 100 coins per 5xp.

FarmVille Quick Level Up Summary

Plowing, Planting, and Deleting will cost 10 coins per xp. Hard work but cheaper and faster.
Hay bale tricks will cost 20 coins per xp. Just buy and sell if you want.

Farm Town Vs. FarmVille

The games mechanics are very similar to each other. We can never skipped to compare which one is better to play. Farm Town lunch first before FarmVille. The new graphics and new taste of FarmVille is one of the great comparisons between the two. The option and the menu is most likely the same including the Items in the inventory.

Market Place

The features I like on Farm Town is the market place or langue that can able you to socialize with the other player. While FarmVille navigation made so easy with a mouse click auto shortcut to the appropriate task. The game is totally the same but it has different approach like an old song revival to a remixed, same lyric with different melody.

Eventually I cannot judge which game application is better because the games are always updating and bringing more fun to the player. Both games will make you addicted to make your goals or achieve level rank.

Farm Town

Farm Town Advantage:

- Mostly played
- Socializing Friends
- Very good in graphic

Farm Town Disadvantage:

- Many unusable items, good deco but useless
- Hard to navigation with the menu


FarmVille Advantage:

- More user friendly interface
- Smooth and fast loading game
- Much easier to play

FarmVille Disadvantage:

- Some don’t a carton like graphic
- It’s hard to socialized with neighbor

If you played these games, I’m sure you can have some comparison to share.

Money On Farm Town

I really though before that “Farm Town” was a waste of time, but now I agreed to Kathleen who comment on “” that it is such a nice application, when it comes to the idea of socializing I see a strong marketing flow. Most of the gamers are friendly and have the same common goal to earn coins , rewards, bonus or money. What if you invite them how to earn real money with your business online, some will join, some will not, and so what, there is always next in line.

Can you make money real money on Farm Town?

Farm Town may not give you real money but the user playing that application will do. My first source of income online was a pay per click scheme that rewards every time you refer new members to a products or services. I use my social network friends to do the same thing so that all of us can make money. The idea pop out that I can really make money online. I started a research of what other types of online revenue can be done easily and someone was already successful of doing it. The AdSense that gives revenues from every valid clicks and the affiliate marketing by profiting from others products are making passive income from the traffic that brought by socializing in any way.

Using Farm Town Application able us to meet new people online and give the opportunity to talk about something. You can start building relationship with them and soon they become your business partner. Playing Farm Town gives us common goal, and that is to get rewarded. The idea of making money is there so divert them to how they can make real money online.

And this can be done also with the other similar game, whatever it is, coin, points, or credit you can it’s all about what you can get in return. What if there is real money in return of doing this. It is not a waste of time.