How to make money on the internet without a website?

On the first era of the internet it is mainly use for information sharing. It supplements in promoting and advertising.

Most of us think that only those who have own a website can only make money online. People make money on the internet by selling, promoting and referring to buying customer to a merchant. It’s ok if you are incapable of having a website as of the moment. For some reason you can buy a worth of a website but you’re not capable of buying because of the requirements sending money. To cut the story most of us don’t have a credit card or tools use to buy online.

Let’s now make money online without having a website.
There are a lots of thing you can sell online were they will provide you a referral link to acknowledge your sales. This is what you called the affiliate marketing where you promote a product that gives you a referral bonus after sales. You can use your social media accounts to talk about the things you are selling and give the referral link for your sales.

Register to a Merchant that offers affiliate incentives.
Commission junction
This list can offer you a affiliate link that give incentives ever sales you refer.

Where to put your Affiliate link?
Use your social media networking like facebook, friendster, myspaces, twitter and more to promote your products link. You don’t have to have a personal website to do this. All you have to do is to promote the links you have in your page and let them buy.

Dlysen offers affiliate link where you can make money by following the steps here. Affiliate guide

Link me up and make money.

Hi everyone. I would like to share to you my how you can make money by linking back to my site. For over a year we are promoting links without making money. If I were in your blog roll or you put my link in your blog please do edit my link back and I guarantee that sooner or later you will make money.

Why will you make money?

You can make money because I create a sales page that can sell products online 24/7. Linking back to the sales page is like referring customers. And when the customers buy the product offer, instantly you get commission of the first sales.

Where do you send the money?

The system works with PayPal. The sales generated from your link will goes to your PayPal account. Register with PayPal now and start making money online. Visit to register.

How do I link back to you or to the sales page?

A review about link anatomy.

<a> </a> anchor sign or link tag

<a> text link </a> text link is what you see and click

<a href=””> link text </a> the href=” ” is the attribute where you place a link inside the quote.

<a href=””> link text </a> the “” is the url link of the sales page. There will be more sales page to come.

<a href=””> link text </a> notice the email “” added after the link. This will recognize the system that you own the sales page, and what email address you use in PayPal in able to received the payment.

Here is what your link look like: link = url+email

Link to me… and start your online business now.

The product available as of now, add your email after the link.

How to sell digital products online?

To sell digital products is a nice way to make money online. The inventory will not be out of stock and can be deliver right away by downloading the file. Digital products can be sold online because it contain information’s and useful to the needs of the buyer. These digital products like software’s, Images, Text documents in MS Office format or .pdf format, videos, audio and other downloadable file.

What do you need to sell digital products online?

1. Digital products – Find a good products that you can sell online. Your photos, original articles, can turn into a digital products like .jpeg format for your photos and pdf file for your original articles. There are lots of products that can be re sale after you purchase. If you don’t have your own digital products, you can buy digital products that you can re sale after you purchase. This way you can get your money back.

2. Payment Gateway – There are lots of payment gateway online. If your customer is right beside you then you can get the money from hand to hand, but online is different. Your customer will come from all over the world that you must have a gateway to received payment. You can use paypal and google checkout.

3. You have to have a system that will sell your products 24/7 or all year round. This means that you will have your very own sales agent online that you don’t have to worry about for paying overtime. Sales agent or sales page will work for you even if you have to leave for a vacation. A sales page will manage all the transaction from making your customer buy and deliver your goods online. The sales page has a system make purchase on your paypal, and return your customer where they can download the products.

How create a sales page that will work for you 24/7 or 365 days?

1. You can join an affiliate marketing where you can promote others products. All you have to do is to promote that sales page or the products using your affiliate link. Affiliate links has a tracking code that will recognize a valid sales credit to you. You will provide information where they can send your commissions to you.


2. You can start having your own domain name and hosting services to install a sales page for your digital product. If you are good enough or have programming skills, I recommend having your own sales page. This can able you to control all transaction and manage your products pricing, add your own products and monitor your earnings.