Early morning around 10:00 am, September 26, 2009 in Bagtikan Street Makati, my office mate “Marilyn Lobo” remind me to move my car on elevated place due to her flood prediction. I prepare to move inside the basement of GMA Lou Bel Building to make may car safe, but while I’m on my way driving on the entrance my car engine stop and I couldn’t start. They try to push the car to move but I resist not going because of of the break of my car is not good. I decide not to go down even if they can push the car down to the basement. I manage to park outside the building even it is reserved parking for the Owner of the building.

I went up to the office and after a few minutes just enough for me to send an email, I went down again to check again what is going on and I found out that the basement of the building was already filled up with flood. Thank God that my car is not included in the basement filled of flood. I’m close enough to taste the most expensive shake. The car shake crush and scramble inside the basement.

In the history of Bagtikan Street and other street in San Antonio Village in Makati, once become a river.