solid exist in the absent of space


Before I write what’s in my mind I will say what bring me to think about space and time. On my previous post about space and time, I share that by knowing the future you overcome time and overcoming space and what left is here. So what’s the point of being away and waiting when you can enjoy. It is because of the question what if the one you want to connect is now here.

Ok here I think about space, and why it exists. It’s a kind of weird question but believe me you got to agree on what I am going to share with you.

Why God created space?

This question comes in my mind when I preparing myself to bath. Space, space, space, I want space. Truly that time I want to get away from the things that I don’t want. Honestly, I am very sad at the moment. I don’t want to see things the way it happen. Do you want to know what the things that make me very sad? Let me share it to you some other time. This time I am going to figure out why God create space. Science tells that space is a distance between an object. Like you and me and what between us is the internet where you read about this blog.

Why there is a space between you and your dreams?

We dream about things and it’s not served to you instantly. When we say dreams, visions or goals, it is not the things that are present but it is already exist because you’re the one who create it in your mind. You have to process it to become physically present. The process is the things that between you and your dreams.

Why the process need to exist and give us difficulty, burden, frustration, challenge, motivation, passion, and all things that is negative and positive ways towards it. This time I start to figure out the answers. What if space does not exist? Then the solid will occupy it, physically you think it is true but it is not. What I know is solid exist in the absent of space. Doubt exist in the absent of belief. Evil exist in the absent of good. I remember when I was a child come to stare at the heaven and think how far it is to reach and until now I try to think of it. Obviously solid is not the things around us but space.

To give experiment or an example, get an empty glass of water and put a coffee on it without water to represent the space. You see that the moment you put the coffee it place at the bottom. Get another glass of water and add water, the moment you put the coffee you can see how it sinks to the bottom. Lastly get another glass of water with solid ice and put coffee, then it will not penetrate at the bottom until it remove or dissolved. These three examples represent the reality in life about why there is a space between you and your dreams or the things that you want. The space meant to brings those things that you want and the solid things are the one who prevent you from getting it. Having doubt will slow your process of getting what you want or never.

I learn now that your positive attitude will give you more space to get your dreams and your negative attitude will block you on getting what you want.

It’s time to answer my question why God created space?

The man on the quick sand cannot move, touch or reach the things that he want especially if the whole body is buried, because of the solid things occupied the space. Then put the man on the field where he can freely move. It is why God make the space present, in order for him to reach us, touch us, care for us, give us blessing. It is because He loves us so much that he knows what the best is for us. God don’t want us to make sins it create a barrier between you and God. God create space to allow us to ask forgiveness, if there is no space, where in hell because of sin.

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  1. eloiski
    eloiski says:

    okay so iyon pala ang space.
    kaya pala may mga taong nagsasabi ng i need space pag nakikipagbreak!
    pero para sa akin,
    I need space
    Space where there's no life
    Space where nothing sits in
    Space where there is no warmth
    Space. Space. Space
    Space which is the death of many...

    • dlysen
      dlysen says:

      Eto naman ang alamat nang spaceship, kaya marami namamatay sa pagsakay sa spaceship, no life sa buwan, ala din upuan, hindi gaanu malamig, sa space pag di ka bumalik sa earth ikamamatay mo sa gutom.

  2. pinkdiaries
    pinkdiaries says:

    Why God created space?" i always ask myself about that question, bakit nga ba?! but i think walang makakasagot ng totoo kung bakit nga ba, may mga kasagutan peru merun paring best explanation about that.

    always think positve nalang! 🙂


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