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I have not post any blog or share what is happening to me here in Singapore. Some of my friend might get some update about me but I never informed them how’s my life is going.

First, it wasn’t a plan but sure I think of it visiting SG back again. The original plan I had in mind is to enroll back to school and focus on my Nursing Online Review Project. I am now here in Singapore sharing my unplanned adventure right after a month.

I was able to log a piece of what I did each day and until it becomes a routine. I blogger can always find a way to remember even though I have no time to blog it.

I touch down Singapore ground around 6:45pm, April 14, 2013 at  Changi Airport. Stopped over to my friends’ house and went over to the house where I should stay.

April 15 2013. First time visit to the Office. I meet the team working in the office and I don’t know how to please them all to make a good conversation. Giving them a smile will do that day.

April 14 2013. There is a Maserati sports car waiting on me outside to send me to the office. It was my first ride on a luxury sports car. I never took photo but I am sure that I can never forget.

April 17 2013. I wake up early to go by myself to the office and also to bring the baggage to my friend. The rain was so heavy and even the thunder cause the brownout. I really wish to go early but my friend offers a ride. We went to Temasek Polytechnic School of Engineering and meet his two business partner. I was checking on my planning my activities while they are on meeting, afterwards we go to the office. I was left in the office so I have a chance to attend the worship service this day.

I had also the opportunity to give the package to France when I met him on along the way to worship service. I met Dianne on my way home and ask her to guide me on my way to home. I took the opportunity to make friends with her but it seems she is so busy.

April 18 2013. Another awesome experience with Maserati Sports car. I have a beautiful driver who drove me going to the office and that makes me feels awesome. I have a very bad feeling because I left my key at home and some of my money. I need to buy the travel adaptor so I went to money exchanger and convert my Pesos into SGD. Now I can charge and use my laptop.

April 19 2013. The couple from the house I stayed went along with me in to office and help in packaging of the products. We had lunch together and enjoy our food. We go back home and eat poppyang. Poppyan "lumpian sariwa"

April 20 2013. Another busy day because need to set up the shopping cart immediately. So I study the PayPal sandbox mode to test the transactions process. Today! PayPal Sandbox is easier than before. I went to worship service again and a little chats with my friend. I also meet new friend Renz Casiano who is working here as teacher for five years.

I try to call Lutchie and there was no answer, I found out that she and her family was on Universal Studio.

April 21 2013. Sunday, I was invited to visit the Wesley United Methodist Church near Singapore National Museum. We get some breakfast in the market and went home. It’s my first time to do my laundry here from the day I arrived. I still have to go to office to use the internet. I need some more testing and more work to do.

And so everything becomes a routine and even food that I use to eat for the first time becomes very familiar.

I will don’t want to miss the time to see Lutchie’s mom who went for a vacation here. That was the last night they should be here because they are booked for a flight back to Philippines. I am glad to see Lutchie. She is the girl who first invited me to live and work in Singapore.

I meet my friend Billy and mingle for the same old conversations. We talk about his company Gold Price Singapore and its new product to be launch. Just like the old time he use to drive me back home out of directions. I hope to meet Cherrie who help to exit and return back to Singapore last year. We went to JB to pump gasoline together with Billy and return to back. That was my first time to visit Malaysia.

I don’t plan to announce my birthday but Facebook did. I have my first birthday cake on the day after my birthday. It is the first as far as I can remember. Thanks for all the people who greet me and for those who wanted to celebrate it. I’m sorry for I don’t usually celebrate my birthday on the same date. My birthday can be celebrates anytime anywhere.

I went to Malaysia to visit my friend’s house. The house was so huge for the two people to stay and live there. The house has a big automatic gate for the garage and spacious living room inside. Bountiful kitchen and more than 10 bedrooms with air-condition. I love to soak on the clear water or the swimming pool but I am not prepared because I did not brought extra cloth.

My visit in Malaysia was indeed a very good experience too. I have another 30 days social visit pass when I came back to Singapore.

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