Send handwritten letters and flowers


I wrote a handwritten letters to express my appreciations and love to my friends. I add some flowers to make it nice and good. I never expect the feedback was so touching from saying goodbye on the letter. I never expect that flower and short note can make a difference.

The handwritten letters and flowers.

I gave two sets of flower with handwritten letters. They were almost the same and alike. I gave one to my roommate and the other one to my friends’ next room. Although it was just the same; people think and feel differently. It is because they have different experience of knowing me.

Our feelings are often time base on our experiences as we grow. The emotions we have now are molded by the things we have learn and discovered, and it is something that we believe in.

I don’t have time to take photo of the flowers, so I hope they have extra time to do it and send to me.

What did you learn?

  • Often times we always have a different point of view on the certain things even if we are looking at the same side and the same things.
  • People give feed backs defending on the experience they had with you.

You can make a difference

  • Your gift can be more appreciated when you add more gratitude and love, which can make a difference.
  • Writing a letter on a paper is an old way of sending message but I can be more meaningful.
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  1. Kenny Fabre
    Kenny Fabre says:


    handwritten letters are a real positive way to send a message it means you put more thought into it. I remember back in the old days when I was younger in middle school, when I wanted to talk to a girl I would write them a letter, and let them know I like them; so it mean you put more thought and time into it

  2. andrea
    andrea says:

    hi dlysen your message is very touching giving flower and hand written is a sweet thing to the person who recieved. You are also right its a different feeling giving flowers to person who thanks for sharing.


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