Sell nothing but make money anyway


How can you make money without selling?

It is unusual to make money without doing anything, but now I will let you know how I make money doing nothing after wards. I said afterward means that you will be doing something to make money.

I’m doing this for a year now and my income is already auto pilot, it will generate money doing nothing. But do you think that we really do nothing, it is only a motivation. What we are doing everyday is to check how much money we are making. My point is we’re really making money.

We sell nothing but we make money in other ways, maybe not from having our own product but other products by means of our web pages we can do it.

My revenues come from different sources, from advertising, selling, affiliate etc. Sell nothing but make money anyway is one of methods that is very easy to do. We can apply this to advertising, you don’t have to sell but to refer customer.

How it’s works? Did you know that Google AdSense gives revenues in every click from the publisher website or blog? It is the link and banner ads you see in the website. It show the ads related to the content inside, related to the topic of what you can read on that page and the ads design to feel it is part of the content. And then there a reader or visitors that will get interest to click on your ads. You make money when it’s happen.

What is my story of doing this? I am just an ordinary internet user just like you. I use to join lots of social media networking like, Friendster, Facebook, Multiply, MySpace, Tagged, Noypf and more. I also love chatting online with my friends and have more friends online. I write or post comments and blogs what is in my mind. These are the things I do that are also common from all of us. But what makes difference is that others are making money doing this and how about us.

I came up to a research what they are doing that I must do to make money. I look for the keywords about making money online and find people like Markus Frind of “” and Ashley Qualls of “” that are making money not just little but huge amount. You can research these names and look for the news about them, how much they are making and know how they started. The things they have in common are their website was become popular and get more visitors each day. They manage the ads in the website and make revenues from it.

So how did I start? The first thing that I must do is to create a page were you can able to post your content and ads at the same time. I start posting my blogs, my thoughts, my idea, and what is going on to me in Afterward, I apply for Google AdSense that can able you to post ads on your blogs and I start making money. The beauty of this is that you can start earning without giving any single cent but give your time to create a nice content to your visitors that will love to read.

What is the key? You make money in every ads click you got from your visitors. Your goal is to make your page more visitors to get more chance of making money.

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