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Remind yourself that your life begins now


When our thought feels like our life is merely to end; in the moment of bad and unfavorable situations; why most people think that they are hopeless? What we do not understand is this is just a beginning of another chapter of our life. Our past was already accomplished. What you have now is a brand new hope.

Always remind yourself that your life begins now!

In this chapter of the book, it shows how people use the past or their experience in the wrong way. The past gave us lessons in life and we had interpret it good or bad. We might say the past is cruel things that we can’t move-on anymore or we can say that past make me realized the tomorrow is better than yesterday. You must learn your mistake. Some are saying that the past ruin everything and what had left is nothing. We’re just truly nothing form that start and by knowing that, I can easily accept my defeat. If you still have an energy to breath, think, and love, it’s enough for you to start over again.

Our past has no power other than the power we give it. Drop all negative references to your past and you notice that living now is much easier. As your past habits creep into your consciousness, simply acknowledge them and let them go. Your past was important because it was needed to get you into the present. Focus on what you can do today, right now, in this moment, and you will begin to create the abundance.

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