When I started my blog I am afraid of the readers opinion or the comment they will give. I am not a good writer and my English is bad too. For the sake of making money, I blog whatever it takes. It’s good that I did the first step, because if I don’t, I will never have my experience right now.

My first idea of blogging is to make your original content. This kind of thoughts paralyzes me to compose or write. When I have nothing to post for a long time I look for the old articles from magazines, newspapers, and journals to make some reviews. This helps me to publish fresh content on my blog. It’s nice when you got comment by surprise. That comments motivates me to publish more.

Tumblr Reblog

Blogging is now easy with Tumblr, sometimes others can express our feelings more than we can. It may be a co-incidence that you got the same thoughts and re-blogging it shows that you’ve agreed. Tumblr allows to reblog post from the origin and link it back. It is like others will do the job for you.

Today I just realized that re-blogging standout where you get the best post from other and re-post it. This is possible on Tumblr. I just notice that even if you are not much with originality you can be popular. I know some blogs with over 40,000 followers (she has over 70,000 followers in less than a month) established her name ( ) by just re-blogging or re-posting good and inspirational content from other. For Leisa Canlas of "" it’s all about inspiring others by sharing good post from everyone. is now moved to


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