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People are important in building an organization. They are the foundation of success. We can say that the numbers tells how big it is. Putting people first is one of the key in building up the organization. As a builder we must check if our people can able to participate or not to make sure that the organization will be at its best. The organization is poor when the people are not good.

There are many reasons why we have to put people first.
People give loyalty when they are getting good benefits in return. They will also perform a good job in giving back favors. It’s a win-win situation in both parties.

How can we check people if they are getting the enough benefits?
By asking them we can find the answers. Performing a survey questions and knowing their needs is a big hint to check if they are getting enough.

I share my story as “Micro Amigo Probiotics Corp” part owner. We are promoting health products containing beneficial microbes. It is good for the digestive tract to balance bad and good bacteria in our body.

Being a part owner, everyone expect to get anything in return after hard works. The budget is not enough to compensate us but we make sure that the distributors who are selling the products get what they have to get. From over 10 part-owners the number drop to 3 and that includes Me, Ivy Gatapia, and Corina Lopez. In the owners point of view the distributors are the people who need to put first in priority and make sure to get their benefits, but in the others point of view, we the owners are the people who are running the business must be compensated to maintain our daily needs. Since we’re not getting what we are expecting to get, we look for new opportunities and others leave their responsibility. Becoming a part owner of Micro Amigo Probiotics is charge to my experience. I learn many lessons from my partner and friends. We never last for 3 years and that business ventures is where I’ve learned why we should put people first. If the owners or the management get satisfied for what they get, I might think that we’re still together until now.

When you think of putting people first, don’t forget to include yourself. You are just sharing good things to others. What happens when in times that you’re not enough? We don’t want to make it hard giving to others.

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