Which is better Private Profile or Public Profile?

If you want to get social only with your friends then its okay to make your account on private. But its okay to have your account in public when you want to promote something and you want the world to see what they need to know about you.

Publishing your profile to the internet is one of the common usages of social media website. Sharing your information is one of the key features in order to make the others seek you. But what it is really the difference of making your profile on private or public.

Private profile protects your personal information and members will have limited access to your profile or no access at all. It is one of the common options to hide your information. Settings your profile on private is disallowing members to see your full profile.

Public profile is open to members to read information about you. They can see the information you put in your profile. Every member will have more idea about you and more often you become more interesting to the others who view your profile.

In my case I use to set my profile on public, so that I can share something that benefits me and the viewers. I use to set my profile on private on the earlier time but it does not give me potential to share information. At the first place I notice that we can only put information that we want and really not published the info that is private. Never to published your private profile if it is really private, sooner or later you it will be expose even if you set things in private because it is still published in the internet. If you want to share information that is good for you and to others I choose to make my profile on public so that anyone can see what I want to give them.

One of the benefits of making your profile on public is that you are making an advertisement for free. It is an opportunity to use this benefit. Imagine that you can share something to the World Wide Web and millions of users are welcome to see what it is for them that will benefit both of you.

Let me give you an example how I utilized this benefits. I create my profile like introducing my favorite books that helps me how easy to make money online. I also share good information and keep them update so that they comeback more to visit my profile. More of my visitors become one of my regular customers and some of the do what I did.