My Photography Checklist 2014


I become more interested in photography when I notice that my photography skills are improving. I want to achieved goals and set direction to make track records and learn something along the way.

You know that experience will teach you more and help you master the skills you need in photography. Now I wanted to start my adventure to gain more experience in photography. I’ll be more friendly and happy to meet new friends and make our time valued to learn.

I love to learn photography because I love to bring back the moments and feelings when you look back on the photo. Photograph is one of the best tools to remember and it is not always the image that is preserved it includes the feelings.

Outdoor Photography

The three venues that I can recommend within Quezon City to perform outdoor photography. My first outdoors photo shoot was held at Wild Life where you can get scene form the lake, bridge, trees, walls, house, grass, woods, and stairs. The Quezon City Memorial Circle is good as it is a well know landmark. The Eco Park at Lamesa Dam is very to Wild Life.

Here are my checklists for outdoor photo shoot

  • The girl with a guitar – I always love music.
  • The girl with umbrella – playing under the sun or getting wet under the rain
  • The girl in the mirror – strong emotional feelings
  • Happy with the balloons – I always think happy with the balloons
  • Playing in the woods – do you want to play hide and seek in the woods

Indoor Photography

Privately public – we shoot you on private but you wanted to show in public.
I don’t have this option in mind just want to make sure that it is included in my checklist.

Food Photography

Food can always be delicious in the photo and my smart phone can handle this most of the time.

Stolen Shots

The sniper style! Making a good shoots behind the scene and perfect timing.

Landscape Photography

I hope to list down a good landmark and it is best for me traveling with friends. Enjoying your photography while spending good time with your friends.

Tools and Gears for Photographer

I also want to invest in my tools and I hope to use them very well.
I need lighting effects life flash, steady lights, umbrella, and reflector. And of course I want new lens, they are expensive but let them be included in my checklist.
I need file storage and I a have SD card for now but I want a big file storage that I can access online or in the cloud.

Friends and Mentors

I need friends, the one that I can share my experience and the one that I can learn too. I always starts this way. Making friends can always bring fun that makes me feel the difference.


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