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You can try my method how to gain Page Rank from PR1 to PR3. I do it naturally and it works, but you have to keep your patience because it is not an overnight success. Doing this method perfectly and consistently can bring your blog Page Rank even at PR4 rating.

Page Rank Link Building

Develop your passion to contribute in other blog. The best way to contribute is to add a comment or send a guest post. you can also submit article on article submission website. Try to involve and feature your blog in news headline online if you can have a chance.

To add comment effectively

  • Understand the topic and what it is all about and give your honest opinion.
  • Share your thoughts that make sense even if you agree or disagree.

Guest Post Can be approved easily

  • Just follow the requirements of the blog that is open for guest posting.
  • Try to apply the writhing style of the blog you are going to send your guest post.

Focus Internal Link

The navigation link is very important for it is the main internal links of your website or blog. To support this internal link and promote its keyword then add internal link also inside your content. Just like this make a difference keyword is linking to my index page.

Link Building Sub Pages and Post Pages

We usually gain Page Rank in link building our domain name but we forgot to do link building in our sub-pages and post pages. Don’t just focus in link building the domain name; build up the internal link as well. Did you notice that search engine will display two or more of pages in SERP ( Search Engine Result Page ). It is because the pages have developed its Page Rank as well.

Page Loading Speed

The Google Crawler is gathering over millions of information timely. They can crawl your content at speed so if you don’t serve your content fast they will only get few.

Page Rank Google plus Recommendation

Giving people experience from your article is a plus factor. Google loves suggestion and recommendation. In this way human feelings and emotions can be considered in gaining Page Rank.

Social Media Traffic and Trending

This can deliver traffic and trending, Search Engine consider how often your pages is visited from different referral links. It records how much time your visitors spent in your pages, you can see how it works in Google analytic. You can join as many social networking site to link up your blog. It is very natural and better if you can maintain all your account active. It is one of the best natural link building method you can work out.

Book Mark and Feeds

There are many web application that is good in linking up your blog. Feedburner is good to me for making your reader subscribe and deliver content. Submit your link to Google bookmark, stumble upon, Digg, delicious and book marking website for more site exposures.

What did you learn?

Page Rank can improve your page visibility on the Search Engine Result Page. You have to build more incoming links from other web pages with relevant keywords.

There are many ways to do link building and I suggest to do each tips one at a time. You can do it all at once but I recommend to focus on doing things for mastery before you proceed to the next idea.

You can make a difference.

You don't need to pay much if you can do it by yourself.

5 replies
  1. Mara
    Mara says:

    thank you for the insight! I haven't done internal link on my personal page, only on my techie page, but I will try. I haven't visited and commented on my friend's websites for a month, so I'm sure my rank is still the same. I really hope my PR will improve in the following months.

    I think blogging interesting topics + updating more often will also help 🙂

  2. Bharat
    Bharat says:

    This is what I followed to get PR for my blog. Just understand things and plan a strategy accordingly. Work on things with Google Policies and everything will follow you.


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