Operation Back Link Overrides


Override is one of the techniques I use in SEO. It works when you appear on a top ranking website. You can override them by placing a back link on a top ranking website. This strategy came out to me when I am using social network on Friendster. I notice that I got more visitors whenever I put back link on comments on the popular profiles. My back links appear every time the profile page is visited and it’s a good advertisement for me. The idea is chance to put ads and the opportunity to arouse visitor’s attraction to visit my site. Then I start social media hopping to apply what I experienced.

I don’t usually make comments to my friends and plain text is enough for me to say something. Then I try html to put a back links to my site. I can express more using html and make my comment bold to see. Make your comment become a center of attraction and you see the result of having a good traffic from your back links.

You can get more traffic for free using back link, I am new to a forum, I don’t want to engage any conversation to them. I been directed to forum when I’m on a research, but now I am more willing to answers and engage to the topic. I find out that signature gives you privilege to put a back link in every question you answered.

Override the topic trough your comments especially on blog post. Contribute to the topic and give insight. Make a sensible contribution and gain acknowledgment from the reader and the authors. They will follow you trough and seek you to get to know more about you. This is very effective strategy you can use.

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