Online Marketing Proposal and Project Scope to CET


I prepared a SEO presentation for Catalyst Energy Technology that will supplement their online marketing. The highlights of my SEO presentation are the basic and important thing we need to know how SEO works and the benefits that we can get from doing it.

Keywords Research

You have to research the keywords first to know and estimate the lead time of your project. Keywords have a competition and you have to know the keywords that will describe your website. Study the keywords relevance, search volume and competitors. Competing with High PR will take so much time and efforts in link building before you can over take them on Search Engine Result Page.

Site Architecture and Structure

Your website must have a site map that can easily browse and more importantly to have a sitemap for the search engine crawler that will index your blog. It is good to have proper linking of pages from hierarchical level and friendly 404 pages for the pages that aren’t exist. Other files like robot.txt, xml sitemap and authentication file for search engine crawler must be present.

Page Optimization

Create a killer headline and quality content that has good keyword density. Do the right text formatting to determine the keywords very well. Add attractive images with proper alt tag as its keywords. On-page and off-page optimization must be done together complementing to each other for better search engine result.

Link Building

Perform link building after the page optimizations are all done properly. You can now submit your link on Google, Yahoo, Bing, ask and other search engine. This also include directory and article submission to the site like,  ezine articles, craig list, open directory project, etc.

Link baiting and Social Media

Your website must have a social network profile for the people who love to use social network like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr etc. Create an account that represents your company where you can able to show updates to your network. This can bring more traffic ranking to your website.


The power of advertising can always bring good result. You have to have a powerful landing page that can convert visitors into leads or customer. Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, and Article base advertising are the best combination of traffic.

Site Analytic and Tracking

Of course we need to check the result of our work and it’s good to impress your client to give them live progress and statistics of their website.

These setup are very essential, you’re next job is to maintain the interaction with your readers and campaign. Apply all SEO tactics and always create a fresh content. I can do a lot more task for SEO for a one man team like me this is enough or else I would look for a partner who can support me in this project.

My setup fee would be $500 USD and $100 USD monthly maintenance fee which includes fresh article weekly, social media campaign and advertising, and link building. Advertisement will be optional depend on the third party provider.

SEO Infographic


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