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Now I Welcome People Who Will Come, Stay And Go


I am not ready to let go!

When I found myself walking away to the path we used to love, I always try to follow the track where you had been gone. A change of mind and a change of heart is a life changing journey with you. But no matter what happens I will keep on adjusting just to be at the same path with you. Life's goes on and now I notice that I've been holding this feelings for so long and my love can make it longer. I realize that I can continue loving you in any way because I understand the art of being contented loving you and accepted who you are. I've learned to live with it that is why letting go is not really an option!

Honestly, I am chasing you day after day even without your knowing. You might think one day I already gave up! Never will I give up my happiness until I am ready to let go. I've learned to be grateful! What I had from you was enough and your presence is giving me so much inspiration. That is why I am striving not to lose hope.

Don't worry about me for one day soon I will be ready to let go. Effort adding more effort to love you cannot be kept in silence. When the right time comes, someone will emerge strong enough to make me change my mind and heart – someone to make me weak and let go, someone to help me get strong enough and walk away. There will be someone who can show me that there is always a better way to experience love. The unconditional love that reciprocate as you give. I believe God can love me like this. Who knows if God gives me favor to love me by you?

Soon I am ready to let go!

Yesterday defeats are buried forever and I will think of it no more. Today at this moment, I am going to celebrate happiness and give thanks to my Creator. Tomorrow will always be a dream, which is why I must enjoy the moment of reality. I am ready to let go the fears of being left behind, as you fall-out of love for whatever reason. Now I am not afraid because I know the love I am giving can only be appreciated by those who can stay. Please stay! If not, I am going to let go.

Now I welcome people who will come, stay and go!

Every person I meet is a reflection of me and I will treat them well. People will come to me as I attract who I am, and I will take care of the relationship with them as I take care of myself. I am glad to have them stay with me for the common things we have inside our heart and mind, to the same vision we see ahead of time and for the plan we are going to make together.

PS: Thank you for the last time you said you love me! I will treat that words as a seed. Like the nature that we cannot stop the seeds from growing and if the words are really meant for us to be together, I am glad to love you like I loved you yesterday, today and love you more each day.

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