I want to share my experience how I get more traffic online using newspaper ads, but paying advertisement on news paper is much more expensive than online ads. Don’t worry it will not cost you much money as you think. You will only need a little time and extra money to buy a popular newspaper in your place.

Honestly I just recently discover how I maximize the traffic on every landing page I create. It’s time to increase your Adsense revenue or any pay per click ads on your website.

Here is one of my experience when FJT Online.com published and ads on Job Finder, I received more traffic. I feel amazing that the news paper ads is very effective but the cost the pay for that ads is almost P20,000.00 and the traffic multiply when they put an ads on Manila Bulletin one of the leading and most read newspaper in Manila for the cost of P33,152.00 1/6 page Sunday rate. Imagine how much money you lose if you try this.

Now let’s analyze what happen. FJT Online put ads worth that much and gets traffic. Why? The ads contain web site, a link, and keywords that readers will go to research on the internet and this is a clue. Try to blog an article that you can read about in the newspaper and you will see that some traffic will goes to your site. Most ads in the newspaper are short that you need to find more information online so they tend to look in the internet. The regular keyword that FJT Online use is “Go Abroad In 75 Days”

Here are the tips I can give. You can copy the keyword that we have and the best tips I can share now, that I recently discover is we can use also other ads competitors’ keywords.The other ads that we use to see. In your case you can use all the ads you think that need or short of information that readers have to research it more online. Some of them don’t have a website yet and it’s our chance to still the traffic.

A legitimate way and not obvious way to still traffic is to make a review about them. Tell about something or what can you say about that company or the ads you read? It’s nice to give positive information and insight and it will reflect all the content of your blogs.