My Thanksgiving 2017: Dear God, Thank you so much for all the blessing that I had. My life isn’t complete without experiencing troubles and hardship. I asked for it because I need to learn how to deal with it and I am so much thankful for the whole year of Your loving grace.

As the year ends 2017, I am so blessed with all renewed hope and love. Thank you so much more for providing us all the things we needed and for the holy spirits that guided us the right way when my direction is failing.

My friends, I am sincerely and be more willingly be at your service when I can. A lot easier when we can put things up together. There are so much accomplishments with friends with the same goals and visions. Thank You dear God for my friends.

It is easier to give love than before. When I felt that Your love is flowing towards me, I’ve learned that it is okay to fall-in-love again, to give love again and again... and to love wholeheartedly when You give the right girl for me. You love us first and loving you back is the greatest relationship man can do. I love you dear God most of all.