I was baptized as a member of Church Of Christ on November 25, 2006 at Central Temple. I was accompanied by my friend Star and Gilbert Ramos. They become the God’s instrument to make that blessed day fulfilled. The lovely couple help me to process my registration for INC doctrines and support me all the way up to the day of my membership.

I always remember this grateful day. I really feel as one of the chosen. In the near thanksgiving, I will give emphasis on giving thanks how lucky I am to become one of the chosen.

Today I will celebrate with joy and reach out my friend. I hope that they are available to be here with me. Most of them are now overseas and too busy with their works.

Back then, I was thinking who lead me here and there, who drives my fate and gave this faith that I am holding. All I did was to follow my heart and that is how it begins.

By the teaching from the holly scriptures, I will protect my membership and strengthen the seeds of faith in me until the end.

I don’t have time or plan to gather people here to celebrate. I only have my happy thoughts to share how grateful I am today as it is my 7th years of being a member of Church Of Christ.